Here’s How Venus In Leo Will Give You The Courage To Step Forward In Your Love Life

Happy Mid-summer!!

Venus is in fun-loving Leo, which is a nice change of pace considering some of the energies we dealt with in July.

Energetically, things are bold and exciting, so whether you’re single or in a relationship, this is the perfect month to put yourself out there.

A Leo-Venus is all about being yourself even if it means others may get uncomfortable, but that’s okay because the one that is meant to be will like you for being unique. This celestial body, when in the sign of the lion, is authentic and true to themselves, which means you will only accept the best in romance. This is a time to meet people of quality rather than the “Good for the moment types!”

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Channel this Leo energy to give you the extra confidence you need:

·       Get creative with your style

·       Speak your truth

·       Be Proud of who you are

·       Take a risk in your love life

·       Enhance the aspects of your personality that are magnetic

·       Be Playful and bring joy to the things you do

·       Don’t care what others think, follow your heart no matter what

·       If you want something or someone, in particular, go for it

·       Splurge on yourself for a change, Venus in Leo is lavish and all about treating yourself every once in a while

The great thing about this Sign change is that it allows you to seek pleasure in your life rather than letting the world pass you by. Take advantage of these vibes and walk through your love life with the sureness of nobility.

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Venus, in Leo, is going to bring tons of excitement to our love lives.


Single And Mingling: Aries, this is your month to have fun and movement in your love life. You’re going to experience a situation where it’s easy to attract those who are on the same frequency as you. In other words, you will meet the bold and magnetic types that step forward without you having to be the one who speaks up so the exchange between you and potential partners will be even.

All Coupled Up: Get ready to go on some exhilarating dates and step up your intimacy. This month is filled with adventure and romance for the two of you. Any issues you might have had that made things feel stagnant in your relationship will pass, giving you the passion plus the excitement you crave.


Single And Mingling: Taurus this month is going to be the kind of fun you’ve been looking for, especially with your love life. The great thing is you meet more of the types that are brave and also look good on paper, so it is easy for you to feel comfortable. Another great thing about this placement is the people in your life who are related to you or considered family will be a way of meeting someone new through get-togethers or house parties.

All Coupled Up: This is a month where you guys will be torn about having outings or just doing something low-key either way it will be enjoyable and romantic. The best thing to focus on is one another and make your own fun. You and your partner will get closer doing your own thing rather than being with the crowd, so take the time to create exciting date nights that will rev-up the attraction in the relationship.


Single And Mingling: Gemini, this is going to be just the month you need to get out and do what you do best, and that’s socializing. Your ability to communicate is going to be just what gets the attention of others, and they will be the types who aren’t afraid to step forward. This Leo energy will help you attract all kinds of people from different walks of life, and the cool thing is it is all playing out in your local scene, so you don’t have to go far to meet exciting dating potentials.

All Coupled Up: Communication between you and your other half will be a mixed bag of flirty, playful, and intense in a good way. This will help you guys get to a place where things are lighthearted, which is necessary; you need carefree vibes to be happy in a relationship. And, because of this, you can let your guard down, causing things to become more relaxed.


Single And Mingling: Cancer, Venus is going to bring in good vibes overall for your love life. This transit is excellent for gaining confidence in areas that you need an extra boost. In other words, you will be able to put yourself out there in the dating world with all the self-esteem raising vibes from this aspect. You are going to attract high caliber individuals that have no problem showing you a pleasant time, so get ready for a fun adventure.

All Coupled Up: Luxuriate with your partner this month because it’s time to put some care into your relationship that makes the two of you feel regal. Being extravagant this month will bring in some fun and excitement in the areas of your relationship where you need to let loose and just be over-the-top in a good way. You guys will be looking for new experiences which are going to be more posh than usual.


Single And Mingling: Happy Venus Return, Leo!! There is significant Leo energy in the air with 4 planets in your sign so you will have the extra advantages in all life areas. The great thing about this month is that you will finally get the attention you deserve from admirers who are worth you knowing which is essential after some of the old cycles you needed to close from past relationships with polarity types. Here’s to starting new cycles with fresh dating options that are worthy of your majestic vibes.

All Coupled Up: Finally, you are getting the treatment you deserve from your partner in the sense where they are doting on you. The romantic and intimate vibes in your relationship will be off the charts and bring some satisfaction to your union.


Single And Mingling: Virgo, you have a lot of thinking about what your next steps in dating will be. This is your time to get introspective and wait for the right moment to put yourself out there in love. The cool thing is that all of this reflective energy is going to help you attract someone who is bold yet spiritual at the same time, making this a secure connection.

All Coupled Up: Things in your relationship become balanced, and you two can connect in ways that you never thought was possible. This is because your partner is making an effort to be on the same page as you. Another good thing is the both of you are at a point where the sacrifices made to keep the relationship going pays off.


Single And Mingling: Libra, if you have been looking for the moment to bust out of your rut in the romantic department, this will be your time. This month expect the unexpected in the right way because you will be in the mood to try new scenes to hang in instead of your usual. The cool thing about shaking things up instead of going to the same places you frequent is it will expand your dating options plus bring in people that you usually wouldn’t go for, but for some reason, they are surprisingly appealing.

All Coupled Up: Get ready for a month of fun outings and exploration in your relationship. Things become super romantic, so this will resolve any mixed signals that threw you for a loop about your partner’s true feelings; confirming all is well with your union. Also, this would be a fabulous time for going on couples’ dates with some of your friends for a refreshingly cool adventure.


Single And Mingling: Scorpio, you are going to feel more enthusiastic when it comes to dating this month. This will be a time for you to be more open and put yourself out there for your admirers to see. What’s great is you will be up for a good time which is needed after the changes you have been through in your dating life. Also, there will be a few opportunities to be fixed up by friends plus co-workers who have someone in mind or just by going to happy hours.

All Coupled Up: August is a fantastic time to express true romantic feelings and allow your partner to show their emotions for you. This is a month that is all about receiving and giving in your union, so don’t be afraid to express your feelings because you will get a beautiful affirmation back from your partner.


Single And Mingling: Sagittarius, this month is going to be one huge adventure for you in love. You get to meet those from other backgrounds and walks of life which is going to be great for expanding your dating pool. Your confidence will be at an all-time high as well, so you won’t be afraid to take a risk and put yourself out there. Doing this will put you in front of the kinds of romantic potentials that are just your speed.

All Coupled Up: It’s time for you guys to do something exciting, take this opportunity to plan some sort of getaway. If that isn’t in the budget, do something cultural like a fun summer festival or stay-cation because this is going to bring a ton of romance and much-needed attention for one another in your relationship.


Single And Mingling: Capricorn, you need more than just the thrill of the chase, although that would be fun, it won’t be enough to hold your interest. The good thing is you will have an opportunity to get both the ones who are fun and those who have more substance. Use this time to let your hair down and use your gift of perception to sort through those who aren’t your forever person versus the suitable candidates for a relationship.

All Coupled Up: The profound and passionate intensity you crave will be natural to access this month in your relationship. You and your partner will be able to just connect on all areas in the union, which will reaffirm why the two of you are together. Another good thing about this is you get the thrilling energy you crave while experiencing the deeper vibes between you and your partner.


Single And Mingling: Aquarius, you have an exciting month ahead filled with a mixed bag of dating options. One of the great things is you will attract the types that offer you more in terms of an actual relationship rather than just a good time. Also, you are at a point where you are taking steps to heal your love life and move forward, which is going to radiate off you. This will help you attract the types that compliment your energy.

All Coupled Up: Your relationship becomes more solid through this transit. Even if you are more in your head about emotions, this will be a month where you are sharing how you feel to your partner. August will be a time to make progress and rejuvenate your partnership.


Single And Mingling: Pisces, you have a busy month in your love life. Virgo energy or those with intellectual personalities will be coming up around you so there will be some exciting exchanges. Mostly, you will have the opportunity to meet people in your day to day life without trying.

All Coupled Up: Things come together in your relationship because the two of you are working on making things stable. This is a time to take care of the partnership, so it becomes healthy in all areas. Even in your day to day lives, you guys find ways to turn what is mundane to something exciting. All of that pays off, and the two of you have fun just doting on one another

Transits to Venus in Leo: Venus will be making connections to the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. If you would like to see where these planets show up in your Natal Chart go to because this portion of the reading is on a collective level rather than your personal Zodiac Sign.

Venus Conjunct Sun: The Extra Boost You Need In Your Dating World

The Sun and Venus will come together this month in a powerful aspect that will give this planet an extra advantage in our dating lives. You will feel confident or just start to realize that you know what you need to be happy in romance. Expect some fun, social, and flirty happenings from this transit.

Venus Trine Jupiter: Luck is On Your Side

Lucky aspects between the two most beneficial planets happen this month, giving you some extra blessing in your dating world. This will help bring in quality people, and also the things you’ve been working on to improve your love life will begin to take form.

Venus Quincunx Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto: Whatever Holds You Back Has to Go

The most challenging of transits this month to Venus is the one’s she’s making to some of the outer planets. This aspect will give you the ability to look at things from a realistic perspective, let go of what causes you to be stagnant, and allow yourself the opportunity to transform.

Enjoy the rest of August because the planetary vibes are on your side. It is time for you to reclaim your throne in the dating world, develop confidence, and become carefree again.

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