How Venus In Cancer Can Help You Release Past Love Disappointment Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How Venus In Cancer Can Help You Release Past Love Disappointment Based On Your Zodiac Sign

As we move away from the party vibes of Venus in Gemini, we will be seeking inner security in our love lives; this is because this planet is going into romantic Cancer.

One of the most significant themes will be out with the old and in with the new during this Zodiac Sign change. In other words, this month is going to bring in a tone of clearing out the past and going towards people who are worth your time. All signs will get an opportunity to clear out old methods that no longer serve them because Venus will be hanging out with a harmonious karmic point in the sky called The North Node.

Venus will also be included in the Lunar Eclipse on the 16th of this month, marking new turning points in how we acquire stability in our romantic life.

Take advantage of these energies and channel your inner Cancerian to unlock some much-needed magic in the romance department.

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·       Release old patterns that leave you stagnant in relationships and dating

·       Know it is perfectly fine to want emotional support from those you are giving your heart to

·       Nurture yourself so you can attract those who will do the same in return

·       Protect your heart from situations that don’t fulfill you

·       Have a small shindig at your home, invite your close friends and don’t be afraid to ask them to play matchmaker

·       Seek the comfort you need to feel whole again

Whether you’re single or attached, this is your time to heal old wounds and no longer allow the past to stifle you.

How Will Venus in Cancer Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

The Cancerian energy is going to bring some much needed emotional security while clearing out the clutter in your love life. I recommend using your Moon, Rising, and of course, your Sun Sign to get the most out of this portion of the reading. You can even mix or match to see how your Astrological make-up fairs in love.


Single and Mingling: Aries, you have a different change of pace in love because instead of the wild ride you usually have going on, you will gain more emotional stability. This is a great month to walk away from situations in your dating life regarding people who are cold and unavailable. It’s your time to attract quality individuals, so move towards the types who can care about you for you. Be yourself others will find that appealing. Use your natural ability to be hilarious in a straight forward way when you’re socializing because this will attract the right individual.

All Coupled Up: Security on all levels is what you will need and work towards in your relationship. This is going to be a time for the two of you to build a home together and make things beautiful in your union. Look back at your past and all you’ve built with one another and keep moving forward. You’re at a releasing what doesn’t work period and letting go of disappointment in your relationship will help you two become closer together.


Single and Mingling: Taurus, this is your month to gain the types that are reliable and let go of the ones who are noncommittal. At this point, you need people who are not flaky, so you will be letting go of the individuals in your love life that only get ahold of you when they want something. The great thing is you will attract dependable people this month who will slowly build into potentials. Creating emotional security and meeting new people will be an essential thing for your love life throughout July.

All Coupled Up: Speaking your feelings rather than bottling them up is the best direction you can go with your relationship this month. Communication is the thing that needs to be improved for your partnership to get to that next level. In other words, when you finally express your needs, the two of you will be on the same wavelength. Also, this will help resolve little details that caused misunderstandings in the past.


Single and Mingling: Gemini, after a month of riding high with Venus in your sign it’s time to clear out the ones who were just there for a good time and make way for something that is deep and sustainable. Filling your love life with those who are just there for a fun night no longer suits the person you are becoming, you need someone with the same energy level as you who is loyal. A change of scenery will help you out; so instead of your usual spots to hang out, try a few high-end places because this will help you attract the types that will be reliable.

All Coupled Up: It’s time for a revamp of the areas in your relationship that are stagnant. Instead of doing the same old routine, find ways to get out and try new places to go on date nights. Also, being more open with one another will bring out the sensuality in your partnership. This will help the two of you feel more appreciated and safe about the state of your relationship.


Single and Mingling: Happy Venus Return, Cancer!! All the focus goes on you in love life situations, so take this time to enjoy the extra attention you will receive. The best thing you can do for yourself in July is let go of the old dating situations where you were the one making an effort to keep the connection going. Any issues you might have had in the past with exes and those who have Capricorn energy comes back in for you to finish that cycle. This is a time where you will be working on attracting people who want the same things you do on an emotional level and are willing to meet you half-way.

All Coupled Up: What’s good about this month is your relationship gets a much-needed boost, so the two of you can work through of old issues and let them go once and for all. July is all about the two of you putting a focus back on why you’re in this relationship in the first place. In other words, it is time to get back to what brought you guys together in the first place and forget about minor irritations that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of life.


Single and Mingling: Leo, you are ready to finish out cycles where your generosity in love has not been appreciated. It’s time to move on from individuals in your dating life that want to benefit off of your kindness. Go in a direction that points you towards others who deserve your compassion. You are finishing out a cycle that brought in less than ideal situations to your love life and will begin to attract genuine people.

All Coupled Up: Sometimes it is useful to get something back rather than you making the sacrifices that you do for those you love, especially in your romantic relationship. The best thing you can do is to step back, so your partner knows it is their turn to reciprocate. When you finally get back what is owed to you by your partner, it will bring harmony to your union.


Single and Mingling: Virgo, this is your month to move towards situations that bring in those who appreciate you for the unique individual you are on a dating level. This is your time to take the final steps of letting go of those who are just looking for a quick hook up. Cutting off the “For a good time call,” types will allow you to attract the ones who have a sense of responsibility in relationships and genuinely care about how they are affecting you.

All Coupled Up: Fun and excitement enter your relationship, but on a deeper level than just the good time vibes. You and your partner are working towards being your own group of two. Some of the areas where one of you might have been for yourself now goes towards a relationship that is about each other, not just one-sided.


Single and Mingling: Libra, this month will be a time for you to move towards fulfillment both outwardly and inner. You will work on creating a foundation that allows you to have the best of both worlds. The main thing for you to move forward from is situations that are cold and unfeeling. The path you are moving towards in romance is the solid type who isn’t afraid to show their appreciation for you.

All Coupled Up: Acknowledging that you need more accountability from your partner will help your union. When the two of you take things seriously, it will prove that this partnership is worth your time. This is because the relationship will finally get what you need to feel secure. Also, some reassurance your partner is not just complacent. Instead of dealing with non-expressive energy, you get the demonstrative love you have been craving.


Single and Mingling: Scorpio, this is a time for you to actually let your hair down and move away from people that cause you to overthink. At this point, you need light-hearted jovial energies in your life. This is your time to go on a journey that takes away the heaviness of your thoughts on love. Try to channel some free-spirited energy when dating because this will help bring in less intense romantic situations and attract easy types for a change.

All Coupled Up: This month is a time to change your mind on some of the ideals that held you back in your union. Old habits that caused you to be closed off in love need to be released. Working on your beliefs with regards to romantic relationships will set you free from restrictions. You and your partner need to just have fun while still connected on a deep level, but this is a time to just explore with one another.


Single and Mingling: Sagittarius, you have a month of going inward to repair past issues with self-worth and learning how to move towards energies that appreciate you on a deep level. Instead of doing your usual “Shrug it off” philosophy, when you are hurt, try taking this time to assess your romantic life; work on the areas where you have been too giving so you can find a delicate balance. Doing this will prevent you from letting these feelings bottle up and allow for you to draw healthy boundaries when you do attract new persons of interest.

All Coupled Up: Inner Security is the thing to strive for this month in your relationship. Your sign needs to purge situations that lack sustainability, it is time to get more consistency in your love life and partnership. The fantastic thing is expressing your wants helps so that things go from surface level to commitment worthy.


Single and Mingling: Capricorn, this is your time to become more open and trust that things will work out in love and move away from energies that made you put a wall up. Try not to be fearful of dating situations that cause you to feel something because it is necessary so you can evolve in your love life. You will be attracting polar opposites like those with Cancer energy or just happen to be your polar sign, which is what you need for an opportunity to be vulnerable again.

All Coupled Up: Emotionally it is time for you to learn how to get comfortable with feeling-feelings. Your area of opportunity in July is to be open to expressing yourself as well as letting your partner in on a deep demonstrative level. Warmth is going to be a theme that enters your relationship once you are ready to show your vulnerable side.


Single and Mingling: Aquarius your particular situation this month is to not be so hard on yourself while also learning to be open to the possibilities that can come to your romantic life. This is a good time for you to work through areas where you shut down when it comes to new love interest and learn how to trust again. Let go of past relationships that caused some of your trust issues so you can attract the ones that will never deceive you.

All Coupled Up: It’s time for an overhaul in the areas that caused emotional restrictions in your relationship. July will be a time to learn how to be more romantic and flirty again, which is going to bring out that side of you that you’ve kept tucked away. Going in this direction is not only going to benefit you as a whole, but it will also make things fun and relaxed in your union once again.


Single and Mingling: Pisces, this is an excellent time for you to move towards situations that allow you to stand out and not lose your identity. The best thing you can do is separate yourself from the pack and not get lost, this will help you attract better quality romantic partners that value you as a person. Remember, you don’t always have to sacrifice who you are so others can feel comfortable, use this time to show the dating world how wonderful you indeed are and what they have been missing.

All Coupled Up: It’s time to not allow other peoples needs to come before you, and your spouse; make it about yourselves for a change. This is going to be a time where you guys are choosing to move away from situations that take away from your relationship and make the decision that it is better to be one on one where you can show all of your affection. Moving in this direction is only going to help build back any shaky foundations in your partnership.

Transits to Venus in Cancer

Venus will be making connections to Chiron, Uranus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. If you would like to see where these planets show up in your Natal Chart go to because this portion of the reading is on a collective level rather than your personal Zodiac Sign.

Venus Square Chiron: Don’t Lose Yourself to Please Someone Who Doesn’t Appreciate You

Chiron will be in Retrograde this month, so this makes an already awkward transit more uncomfortable. The purpose of this aspect is to not allow yourself to give to those who don’t appreciate you in love, it will not cause said person to show more emotion nor will it make them change their ways. Instead, find healthier alternatives to heal any trauma that might have led to needing approval from partners who take you for granted.

Venus Sextile Uranus: Time for Something Fresh and New

Uranus will lend a helping hand to Venus, which will make it easy for you to make the necessary changes in your romantic world. You will feel as though you are having sudden epiphanies about what you need to do going forward. Don’t at all be surprised if you get the sudden urge to revamp your style too, which is perfectly fine under this transit.

Venus Trine Neptune: Ultra Romantic and Soul Mate Energy

Even though Neptune is Retrograde, this is still a fabulous transit. Dreamy energy will come through and bring in incredibly romantic situations. This aspect also helps with attracting partners who you have a genuine spiritual connection to as well.

Venus Opposite Saturn and Pluto Leave The Cold Ones Behind

Saturn and Pluto will make contacts to Venus, causing you to open your eyes to those who are emotionally cold and have control issues. The good thing about this transit is that it allows for you to see where you need to make necessary cuts in your love life, so even though it might be stressful, it is going to free you from situations that stifle you in your love life.

Venus Quincunx Jupiter: Fun and Excitement

Jupiter is another planet in Retrograde that will actually make nice with Venus and bring some fun into your July. An aspect like this is going to get you out there and social, which is very necessary with some of the other energies that aren’t so fun. Use this time to reconnect with friends and meet new persons of interest.

Spring Cleaning in July!!

Usually, the term Spring Cleaning doesn’t apply in the summer, but since this month is about letting go of things that no longer work in your love life treat it as such. Do a deep cleansing for the situations that are worn out or no longer classy in your love life because you deserve something that fits who you are today instead of relationships that make you feel uncomfortable.

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