10 Ways To Cut Costs So That You Can Travel The World


If you’re planning to take a trip soon and you begin to tally up how much money you will need, the price can be pretty jaw dropping. But fear not, there are plenty of ways to make that dream trip happen and the best place to start is by cutting costs.

It may not seem like you have an awful lot of expenses when you are living your day-to-day life, but I’m sure it’s much more than you think and there are going to be a lot of ways where you can cut corners. Even saving ten dollars a week can get you well on your way to rays of sun and white beaches, but let’s aim for a little higher with this list!

1. Stock Up When Food Is On Sale:

Cheap boxed goods go on sale all the time and you can always find great deals. You can get killer pasta for a dollar a box and its way better than Mac n’ Cheese. If you catch a good deal that you can’t pass up, buy five or ten of those items as long as you can store them for a while and you’ll have plenty of quick meals.

2. Use Coupons:

Thirty extra cents may not seem like a whole lot, but if you do that ten times in one week, you just bought yourself a meal in SE Asia and Central America. Every time you spend money, think about how much that can buy you while you are traveling. Do you really need that forty dollar shirt when you can get an extra one or two nights in a great hostel?

3. Cut Name Brand Coffee:

I’m a little skeptical of this one because, frankly I freaking love coffee. But nevertheless, it’s a great way to save cash. Instead of spending that extra five dollars a day on coffee at Starbucks you could be putting that towards a bus to take you somewhere you’ve never seen before. You can instead buy your own bag of coffee for ten dollars that will last at least for the next two weeks and brew your own coffee. It may not have a double shot of espresso or a face in the foam, but it will save you a lot.

4. Sell Your Excess Items:

If you plan on traveling for a long period of time, there isn’t a need for many of the things you have. Hold a garage sale and sell some of your clothing you haven’t worn in forever, sell some furniture, anything that would take extra room in your storage space. It’s also best if you can find a family member to store your items with so you don’t have to pay for storage every month. eBay is another great place to sell your things at.

5. Park a Car:

If you have more than one car, park the extra ones and cancel the insurance on them. That will easily put well over a hundred dollars back into your pocket every month. If you live in an area with a solid public transportation system you can park all of them or sell them off. If you’re dying to live nomadically for a long time, selling your cars is the best way to turbo charge your bank account and will get you closer to your goals of travel much sooner.

6. Ditch Cable:

Cable packages are crazy expensive these days and most of the things on there are worthless to watch anyway. Is your package really worth the price for how much you watch TV? You can spend the extra free time reading, surfing the net, or watching Netflix. Netflix is pretty limited as to what they offer, but it should be enough to keep you entertained until your big trip at a fraction of the cost.

7. Use Amazon:

Buying items online at discounted rates is very easy to do these days. Go on Amazon and see how much basic household items will cost you, they even have a food section that has killer deals. Try it out and see what you think, this could put another hundred into your pocket every month!

8. Live Healthier:

Constantly eating out, drinking, and smoking are all death to your money. If you’re a heavy smoker, you probably pay around forty a week for cigarettes and the same for those who drink a lot. Eating out will be even more expenses. Killing this habits will make you feel better and save you cash. Double win!

9. Prepare Your Own Food:

Test out your chef skills by cooking your own home cooked meals instead of buying prepared meals. You’ll be able to make food in excess too which will carry over to other meals and I’m sure it will taste a lot better too.

10. Create an Itinerary:

Track all of these expenses that you make in a week with an Excel spreadsheet. Every time you pay a bill or buy food or even a small little trinket see how much the total comes to after every week and month. From there, you can see where you are spending too much money and cut costs accordingly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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