9 Amazing (And Affordable) Places To Stay Around The World

A large part of what makes travel so exciting can be the place you stay and these places are sure to make your trip absolutely amazing. All of these locations are unique, won’t break the bank, and will give you plenty of picture taking material so you can brag to your friends and family back home.

1. Safestay Hostel

This hostel, located in central London, is a part of a new breed of chic budget locations in London and has been designated the nickname of ‘poshtel’ for its luxury. The hostel has a fully functioning blog with activities to do in London and comes with a continental breakfast and a bar. You can get a bed here for only 30 USD a night.

Safestay Hostel
Safestay Hostel

2. The Renovated Silo

The silo, which used to be a mill, is located in the small town of Epe, Netherlands. The beautiful modern looking hotel only has six rooms, so you will want to make sure you book early. It comes with a terrace, a garden, and even a painting studio. You can rent a room for 200 USD per night.

3. Rolling Huts

The camping styled huts are in the Method Valley in Washington. The huts are facing a mountain which provides an excellent view for sitting on the deck and relaxing in the chairs. The huts each have their own fireplace, microwave, and small refrigerator. The bathrooms are housed in a barn a little walk away.  Like the silo, there are only six huts so I suggest booking early if you’re dying to stay in one. You can book one of these huts for only 135 USD a night.

Rolling Huts
Rolling Huts

4. Gothic Temple

The Gothic Temple in Stowe, United Kingdom, was built in 1741. The rooms inside are all circular with stone pilasters and plaster vaults. All of this was built on an 18th century landscape that has over 40 temples and monuments. This offers the perfect place to get away from the modern world and ditch technology. You can enjoy this breathtaking temple for only 215 USD a night.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 1.30.36 PM
Wikipedia/Amanda Lewis

5. Pop Art Hostel

The Pop Art Hostel is located in Belgrade, Serbia and is one of the coolest hostels I have ever come across. The hostel features dorm rooms with Jim Morrison as one of the themes as well as private rooms that feature Andy Warhol for the theme. The hostel comes with a kitchen and sightseeing tours. You can book a bed for only 19 USD.

Pop Art Hostel
Pop Art Hostel

6. Hotel Windsor

This hotel, which is in Nice, France, is a celebration of art that includes rooms designed with contemporary art and fresco style paintings. The hotel includes a pool, a restaurant, fitness center, sauna, and an area to get a massage. A standard room starts at 108 USD per night.

7. Canopy Village

This small village is five meters up in the trees in the Patagonian Andes in southern Chile. The hotel is in a private natural reserve that is fully surrounded by the wild and offers great views of nature. The property doesn’t include any amenities outside of a great view, but you can book your stay for only 50 USD per night. A minimum stay of two nights is required.

TripAdvisor/Canopy Village
TripAdvisor/Canopy Village

8. Hotel Pilatus-Klum

Sitting seven-thousand meters high above the ground, this breathtaking view is home to the Hotel Pilatus-Klum in Kriens, Switzerland. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be able to climb mountains to access it, guests take a cable car to the top. The hotel was once visited by the First Queen Victoria and now has an excellent restaurant in her name. The hotel comes loaded with adventurous activities like hiking, a rope park, and toboggan runs. You can get a room that starts out at 180 USD.


9. Sepilok Jungle Resort

This awesome looking resort is paradise and located in the tropical Borneo Rainforest in Sandakan, Borneo, Malaysia. The resort includes breakfast, restaurants, and cafes, along with a fitness center, and a dedicated team of people to help you have the best trip of your life due to the lack of modern amenities because of its location. The rooms start off at only 30 USD. TC mark


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