6 Ways To Stay In Shape While Traveling


Staying in shape can be a massive pain when you are traveling, especially if you are constantly switching your location. There never seems to be enough time and frankly you might not even know how to start, outside of eating healthy food, which can be hard enough while you’re traveling. So where do we start?

The first thing is to find someplace where you can consistently get healthy food, which fits the budget. Eating a good diet is the most important thing to focus on because it is eighty-percent of staying in shape. You can work out all you want, but unless you have an amazing metabolism, eating McDonald’s isn’t going to let you keep your fitness level up for very long. The second and last step is to focus on finding an area that you feel comfortable to work out in.

1. Stay away from tourist areas. There is no worse food than in tourist areas. They are filled with vendors and restaurants that try to make food as quickly as possible to sell. The quickest food to make is things like corndogs and burgers and they almost always have their prices raised.  It’s best to plan ahead and skip the greasy food, even if it is convenient.

2. Find a grocery store. Grocery stores and open markets are the best spots to go to get healthy food, quickly. Depending on how luxurious you want your meal, they are generally cheaper and more filling than street vendors as well. The cool part about shopping at grocery stores in a foreign area is experiencing the local culture’s everyday life. After all, the chances are pretty low that you are going to experience the real local culture at a hot dog stand.

3. Run around town. Probably the easiest way to stay in shape is to run because you can do it no matter where you go. A great benefit, outside of staying healthy, is it lets you explore the local area on foot and it can even help you figure out some cool ways to spend your vacation.

4. Work out in the hotel room or gym. If your hotel has a gym then you’re all set and don’t have anything outside of food to be worrying about. But for those that don’t have access to a gym, like myself because I’m cheap, you can find loads of online workouts that you can do in a hotel room or a hostel. Most of the exercises do not require weights and can easily be done with little floor space. A good site to use for a list of exercises and workouts is Muscle and Fitness.

5. Use a park. If you would rather not use your room to workout in and you don’t mind people staring at you, you can use a local park, if they have one. Parks and playgrounds are great because they have monkey bars that you can take advantage of for pull-ups and other exercises. Parks also have plenty of open area to utilize so that you can spread out and not worry about hitting your elbows on the T.V. stand in your room.

6. The last thing I have to say is to stay committed. It’s much harder to work out while traveling than it is at home, because not only are you busy, but there are way more excuses available to use. If you have a long hectic day planned, I suggest waking up early and working out in the morning. It will leave you feeling refreshed and will suit you better to take on the long day of events, especially if you have kids. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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