7 Foods That Are Secretly Makeup

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At one point in my life I completely quit wearing deodorant, washing my face with face wash and I definitely quit wearing moisturizer. I also went almost two years without wearing a single drop of make-up and you know what? I looked lovely. Why was that? I found out that some of my favorite foods were actually the best make-up products a girl could wish for. They look as good as they taste (except for one of them on the list — that tastes disgusting) and they’re super easy to apply. It’s also cool that eating them also works wonders in the beauty department.

Pure Un-adulterated Spring Water Foundation

You’re probably annoyed that I labeled water as “foundation,” because you’re mostly likely thinking that water isn’t going to do anything to cover up your skin’s imperfections, but bear with me. Hydration is your skin’s best friend. In the past, spring water healed dry patches of skin and breakouts on my face eliminating the need for foundation. Which I think is way more awesome than having to wear foundation. It might not work for everyone — but it’s well worth a try. For best results, collect your own water at a real spring and store in glass jars in a cool place.

Raw Cacao Bronzer

Raw cacao powder mixed with coconut oil smells delicious and is beautiful when applied in a thin layer on your face where you would normally layer on bronzer. Sometimes I apply a very thin layer to my entire face — especially when I am looking a little paler than I would like to. If you do this make sure to apply to your neck as well.

Spirulina Eye Shadow

Yep, you might not believe me, but wild-grown algae makes a stunning eye shadow! To apply, I again mix with coconut oil — you can also use shea butter or any other kind of oil you have around and apply to your eyelids with a Q-tip. It will probably take a few layers before the color reveals itself. In addition to spirulina, I will apply a thin layer of my coconut oil — cacao mixture on my bottom lid — the color combo is stunning!

Blueberry Eye Shadow

No matter where you live you can easily find frozen blueberries in the frozen foods section of your grocery store. When I want to create a nice blue eye shadow tint — I simply let the berries thaw, mash them up in a little dish and then apply to my upper eyelids with a Q-tip or my fingers. Apply a few layers letting the juice dry after each application. Blueberries also make an excellent lip color. For color on the go keep a tiny little jar of your blueberry mash in your purse and obviously throw it out after several hours. This lip color will not last forever. You can also try any type of berry in place of blueberries.

Blackberry Mascara

This is your best bet if you want to darken your lashes using food. Follow the same mashing technique that I described with the blueberries and apply to your lashes using a Q-tip. Blackberries can also work as a blush, eye shadow or to darken your brows.

Beet Lipstick

Beets are my favorite lip color of all of them all — including my hearty stash or real lipsticks. To apply beet lipstick simply slice open a fresh beet and press the vegetable against your lips. Again do this in layers so that you can be sure to get an intense color. Beet is also great as a natural blush. It’s actually super pretty. Just take a slice of beet and rub it right under your cheekbones be sure to blend it in so it doesn’t look streaky.

Coconut Oil Lip Gloss

Easy Peas-y. Nothing more to be said here. My favorite all in one go-to food that feels amazing anywhere on my body — including my lips (and even on my eye-balls when I’ve had pink-eye) — is coconut oil. It makes such a pretty lip-gloss when you want a little bit of glamour, but no pigment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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