6 Natural Deodorants That Actually Kick Ass

Yeah, yeah “natural deodorant” is almost like an oxymoron and I’m the idiot that has spent way too much money trying to find one that actually works. Well, my work has paid off and I’ve finally found 6 that slay the competition. They can totally handle “detox-armpit” or the day after a night of too many tequila shots. Plus, they smell oh so delicious on men too. Here they are, my favorite team of odor fighting warriors ranked from my sort-of-favorite to my absolute-most-favorite:

Dessert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Deodorant

Desert Essence
Desert Essence

This stuff smells like a mixture between lemonade and an unlit citronella candle. If you slick some of this puppy on right after a shower you’ll feel perkier than a bowl of lemons and fresher than a glass of iced lemonade. It totally satisfies any sort of olfactory craving you might have for a margarita or a shandy, but it does have a downside- try to go more than 4 hours with this stuff on and this sugary lemonade treat turns into a sour nightmare. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, when body odor and citrus mate they make stinky armpit babies. This deodorant still makes it on the list because I’m so in love with its initial smell, but it only ranks in at number 6 because in a long term relationship- we’re not all that compatible.

Naturally Fresh Spray Mist

Spray Mist is the only guy on the list that actually keeps the underarms somewhat dry. It’s considered a “crystal” spray because the original formula is typically sold as a hard mass of mineral salts that you rub under your arms. Sometimes when I want to wear my favorite lemon tea trea deodorant more than 6 hours, I cheat and splash on a little of this spray mist- for two reasons- this spray has no scent and- the salts seem to make the lemon deodorant last a bit longer. If you’re looking for an athletic-grade deodorant- this is probably your best bet in the natural deodorant world. When I feel like smelling like nothing or when I just want to feel super dry I head for this stuff. However, it can be sometimes be too drying so avoid overusing it and especially avoid if you’ve just shaved your armpits.

Tom’s of Maine Honeysuckle Rose Deodorant

Listen up men- you should get some of this, because it smells so good mixed with men’s natural pepper-y notes! The honeysuckle rose scent is so light and delightful that it’s the perfect compliment to any spicier odor make-ups. I tend to be somewhat earthy myself and I love wearing fragrances that don’t overpower my natural scent-scape. It’s a great deodorant to wear when I want to feel a tad feminine as well. Curiously enough, the fact that it is slightly feminine is why I think it works so well for men. Slick some on and try it for yourself. Just a note- this is a deodorant I recommend re-applying after 6-8 hours of use.

Weleda Wild Rose Deodorant

This deodorant is in the top 3 of my list because it can almost double as a light perfume of sorts. It has a floral punchy bouquet that slices, but it also makes its presence known in softer ways- the initial notes smell like delicious clouds of cherry blossoms. Sometimes I just want to spray it around my room like it’s Febreeze or something, but instead I just re-apply it a million times throughout the day so I can exist in my own scent reality. It’s a little spendy, going anywhere from $10-$15, but it is unique, seductive and flirty. I like it, but I don’t recommend wearing it after a heavy night of drinking- too many smelly punches will be thrown and the result isn’t very pretty.

Dr. Hauschka’s Floral Deodorant

Yeah, I spent $23 on deodorant. Some natural foods stores’ sales associates have claimed that this deodorant is the holy grail of all deodorants- not just natural deodorants. I was already a Dr. Hauschka fan before I tried this stuff-so it was an easy sell. I have to admit this deodorant is ridiculous. It smells like rose, but with a little sass. It has hints of sage and something called citronellol in it. It rolls on perfectly and never burns your armpits no matter how much you’ve accidentally cut them while shaving. In fact, this stuff is incredibly soothing on the skin and the smell is heavenly. It works like magic- melting perfectly with your natural scent to elevate you from deodorant wearing normal person to enticingly perspiring goddess. I love this stuff so much that I ration it- wearing it only on special occasions and when I need a little happiness boost (you know, it’s the small things). What is more luxurious than rolling a $23 goddess-making magic potion under your arms before you head to work everyday? That’s right… nothing, but wait! There’s more…

Body Bliss Natural Herbal Deodorant

We’ve seen a lot of crazy shit on this list- from a crystal water that keeps you from sweating to the holy grail of natural deodorants, but I, of course, saved the best for last.

Body Bliss Natural Herbal deodorant doesn’t come across as flashy, pretty, or even earthy. It actually doesn’t even have a name for its scent! But trust me- it’s incredible. This is the deodorant that I recommend for any day of the week, month or year- including super hot summery days- especially where alcohol is involved- (OK seriously am I the only one whose sweat becomes disgusting after drinking?!) This deodorant does such an awesome job of masking any weird smell that your body might produce that it’s insane that it only costs $8. I love this stuff so much that I’m ordering some online right now- before my current roll runs out. Back when I first bought that roll you could only purchase this expertly crafted deodorant at a small farmer’s market in Minnesota.

About the smell- it’s definitely more refreshing than the rose-y stuff I’ve obviously grown quite a bit of favoritism towards, but it’s not harsh. It’s a light and refreshing mix of clary sage, rose geranium, rosemary and lemon made without aluminum or parabens. I think the main reason this stuff is so awesome is that all of the essential oils in this magical mix are antibacterial which helps fight some of the bacteria that creates smells in the first place. Its invigorating smell is strong enough to enjoy, but light and fresh enough to not demand the attention of everyone who might get physically close to you. In fact it’s one of those subtle smells that someone has to get close to you to even discover and it smells great on both women and men alike. Don’t mind me if you spy me smelling my armpits on the train or whatever, I can’t help it- I’m wearing it right now and it smells too good. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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