The Moment I Saw You Again


In the breezy late June night
on the deck with golden lights hanging
and the reggae band playing with so much soul
and the boats anchored,
bobbing gently on the black water,
in between the sea of swaying people
with liquor lips,
drinks in their hands,
hedonism as motive
on the neon lit dance floor

I saw you

A flash of green shirt and dark brown hair
There you were
with a full brimmed cup of beer in your hand,
standing there looking so simple
Just a simple boy from our local beach town
with a simple life and a simple story

But all I could do was marvel

We moved in closer
I pretended like I didn’t imagine
all the different ways we’d meet
each other again
Through the small talk
I think we both knew something
Our eyes locked and as I left
our gaze lingered,
like we didn’t want the whisk of the night to
tear us apart
like we both didn’t want to let
each other go just yet

But we did anyhow Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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