This Is How F*ckboys Apply To Aristotle

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Twenty20 / lukeowen12

The term “fuckboy” has been dropped so often nowadays that it has become a phrase as undying as “cool.” This term is used as one of the foulest insults towards young men, synonymous to the word “whore” towards women. From a fuckboy himself, he stated they only have one motive:

“So, take a penis for example. It’s just a thing. Not really anything special, doesn’t really mean anything. When it comes to vaginas, it’s a whole different story. It’s a goal. Every guy you meet will have the goal of getting to that prize of a vagina. It’s precious, protected, and something that isn’t given out like candy.”

A fuckboy is a young man who sleeps with many women without the intention of dating her. He may also deceive her with lies and tricks in order to get what he wants.

Fuckboys are the ones who only call when it’s late at night or when they’re faded or drunk. They’re childish, and that’s precisely why the word boy is in fuckboy. They’re weak, dumb, and full of excuses.

Fuckboys are very suave. They have this innate charm they can turn on, which convinces women for a while that they are desirable.

Through the subtle winky faces in texts to the way they say they “don’t believe in labels” there is indeed a technique. It traces back to ancient roots. It traces back to the ancient Greeks and one of their most important philosophers—Aristotle.

It’s honestly no surprise; the Greeks had their own disgusting men who corrupted the innocent as well. In the wise words of Childish Gambino, “y’all fuckboys like Socrates.”

Aristotelian appeals are ethos, logos, and pathos. Ethos is the appeal to credibility, logos is the appeal to logic, and pathos is the appeal to emotion. Fuckboys utilize these three Aristotelian appeals in order to get that prize of a vagina. If you are ever unsure of if your guy is a fuckboy, here are some sure signs to tell. It’s called the Fuckboy Formula.

Ethos (credibility). The mating call. It’s them convincing you, “I’m desirable and you’ll have lots of fun with me.” To prove this notion, fuckboys show their cockiness. Women love men who are confident. This comes down to our basic biology—women need men to protect them from harm and those who seem stable and self-assured are inherently the ones we want. If this fuckboy is good looking (which they often are), they take advantage of it. They assert dominance in the relationship and believe they’re the ones who decide where the relationship will go. Women thrive on security, so when a fuckboy says things in a sure manner it can be incredibly appealing.

Logos (logic). The excuses. There will always be something that prevents a hook up from blossoming into a relationship. Fuckboys are able to conjure up excuses as to why he can’t be with you—and they always seem to make sense. If you’ve heard anything along the lines of, “I live too far away, it just wouldn’t work” “I just got out of a relationship and I’m not ready” or “I don’t like labels” then you’ve got yourself a fuckboy. They come up with justifications as to why they can’t be with you. Instead of seeing through his bullshit, you justify his excuses and ponder maybe if you were being too selfish for asking for more. But believe me, you weren’t.

Pathos (emotions). The “get her in her feels.” The very suave fuckboy uses your emotions against you. He paraphrases things that ultimately translate to “you’re different” and makes everything feel personalized, even if he’s told this story to every girl. He makes the girl feel special by taking interest in her—finding out her hobbies and favorite music—but in reality doesn’t care. This is the most dangerous technique out of the three. Fuckboys who are able to deliver pathos efficiently are capable of breaking hearts in cold blood.

Ladies, if you see any signs mentioned above be sure to run far, far away in the opposite direction. You deserve to be loved for all that you are, and if he’s not giving you what you need then it’s time to peace out. Don’t make excuses for him. If he clearly thinks you’re worth it then there will be no question or games. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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