Dance Through Your Passions In Life

Matthew Henry

The most entertaining part of life is watching it unfold. We are often distracted by many other things, our phones, social media, the news… but if we become mindful enough, we can watch a beautiful dance at play. This dance is your life. It’s messy, raw, and 100% unique to you, so why would you expect anything? There is something wonderful flowing here and your essence is the key to joining the harmony.

Intertwining, rewinding,
ounces of truth.
The answers pour out
in the dance of youth.
Freckles connected
like constellations.
It all makes sense,
pure inhalation.
How did you get here?
Now you know.
All you had to do,
was to let go.

Let go of how you want the moment to be. Let go of how it could be better, how it could be change. Once you accept the moment in its authenticity, you become part of it. And when you are fully in the moment, not only does everything vibrate at a different frequency but everything becomes more vivid. Clear. Crystal fucking clear. You dance through your presence.

Watch it blossom,
lose control.
The moment can breathe,
as soon as you become free.
you can see
how they are strung,
one after one,
like flowers,
on a crown.

Accept the shit out of everything and everything will blossom. Stop comparing. Stop yearning. Stop judging. Be here. You have free will, yes, but are you using that too it’s full potential? In the words of Eckhart Tolle, if you find yourself in a ‘bad’ situation you can “accept it, change it or leave it”. But when everything is right, and there is beauty in sight, but you have a dark cloud over you and it won’t go away, you need to let go. Expectations. Comparisons. Ideas of how things could be better. The past. Future plans…

These thoughts are the only thing holding you back from living your dream life. In dance, if you do not follow the music, you interfere the art. But you may be asking, “how does one ‘dance’ when they do not know how too?” Simple. By moving’ and groovin’ to the harmony already playing and doing so through the beat of your own drum. Twirl, jump, spin, or shuffle…whatever you do, make it ‘you’.

And when you are in the flow, who knows where you will go… Isn’t that the most exciting part?

You dance through your passions,
and deepest desires.
Your dance is ignited
By your inner fire. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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