Don’t Take Her For Granted

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Don’t take her for granted just because she loves you with all her heart. She’d give anything for you just so you get all the subsidy from your relationship. You believe that she can’t replace you with some other man because she loves you genuinely and truthfully.

Don’t take her for granted because you think there are plenty of other fish in the sea. You don’t realize it yet but I am certain that someday reality will hit you and you’ll realize that you don’t want any other arms to embrace you except hers.

Don’t take her for granted because you expect more from her and you want her to be better than anyone else, better than your exes. We’ve all been in a situation where we look at our previous relationships and think of how we once loved them. We tend to compare our present relationships to our previous ones. The main lesson we learn from any kind of relationships is that people can walk away whenever they want without any reason.

Don’t take her for granted because you believe that you’ll find someone that is exactly like her. She is simply a woman that deserves to be loved in all her forms. She is more than the woman you dreamed of. She is an erratic pearl and she knows that. But she won’t drive you to see her dazzle.

Don’t take her for granted because you believe she’ll stay with you forever. Maybe for now she’ll stay with you because she loves you intensely, but when the time comes that she begins to focus in herself over your ass, she won’t be terrified to leave and shut the doors on you.

Don’t take her for granted, because you know she doesn’t deserve to be treated the way you treat her. She discovered all your flaws and still chose to love an imperfect person.

She doesn’t expect too much from you. All she wants is for you to give her the assurance that you love her, that you won’t replace her with some other woman. She wants to be treated like a lover and a best friend. She wants to feel safe in your arms and know that’s going to be the place where she can be everything she wants to be without getting rejected. She’s a wonderful persons and she is unique; she loves you in all ways she knows and that is a rare thing to do, so don’t let her get away.

Don’t take her for granted because she wants to make it work with you. She chose to stay with you and she’s giving her all for you. Let her know that you love her as much as she loves you and make her feel that she’s the only one that you’ll love today, tomorrow and forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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