This Time I’m Going To Be The Toughest Girl You’ll Ever Meet

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This time I’m going to be the toughest girl you’ll ever meet. I’m going to be the one you’ll look up to; the one you wish you want to be; the girl who was once at the bottom part of this realm of anxieties; the girl who was always a victim of faultfinding; the girl who will always have a kind heart despite of all the two-faced people in her life that constantly bringing her down to her knees and the reason she cries at night and now she bears a resemblance to the stars and her beam will shine brighter than the sun that can certainly light up every empty room and empty souls.

This time I will not let you take me down. I will not let your unethical words upset me. I will make sure that I will make an invisible wall around me to guard me from the pain I know you’ll put in to my life so you could defeat me. I will be strong enough to guard myself from anyone who plans to break me apart. I will never let you stomp your feet on my soul again.

This time I’m going to be resilient enough to lift myself up. I will be indestructible in every circumstances that will come my way. I will fill my soul with bravery and my heart with fearlessness and I shall stand firm and equipped for the next battlefield.

This time I will make sure that no one will ever break my heart again because I will be the girl who will be strong enough to fight for myself.

I will be the girl who will walk graciously with astonishment and everybody will look at me not as a pitiful girl who always stumbles down and always accepts defeat but the girl with a fierce personality and a gentle heart and I will make sure that no one will ever have the authority to leave scars in my heart and harm me ever again.

And this time, I am going to be that girl. I will be the courageous girl you never thought will be. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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