This Is Why She Loves You

This Is Why She Fell In Love With You
Susie Burleson

She already knew that you’re the one the first time she saw you. You make her smile for no reason at all. She fell undoubtedly fell in love with your voice. She likes the way you walk and perhaps smile blushingly whenever you’re around.

She finally wrote songs about you, wrote poems about you. You made her sing like a little child again in her shower while swaying under the touch of the water crawling down through her body. You made her dance in the midst of sunsets that made her days brighter. You make her serene and unwary each time you sing her favorite song that she always wanted you to sing for her.

You consistently make her feel she’s home with you, and you know that’s all she needs.

She keeps every little thing you give her, like the tiny love note you wrote for her with the words “You look beautiful today” written on it. You made her feel she’s like a little girl again by having all the best moments of her life by being lost in thoughts about you. You make her blithely daydream of you and thinks of nothing but to spend the future together. You make her fall in love endlessly every day.

She knows unconditionally that you’re the one, for you let her sleep comfortably because she knows in your heart she’s inevitably irreplaceable; that no other girl can get your attention away from her. You are the reason she goes to her bed smiling at herself in the middle of the night without asking if she’s worth it because she is worth it.

She feels at ease with you because you perfectly know how to properly treat her. You protect her in all ways you know just to see her out of harm’s way. When her anxiety attacks you allow her to cry and shout to free the burden she’s been carrying for a long time. You made her realize that a girl like her is worthy to have someone to encourage her and to lift her up when she’s feeling down. You accepted her flaws. You respected her views in life.

You make her feel that she’s already enough just by being herself and her vulnerability makes you love her even more.

She saw real love in your eyes the time you confessed your feelings for her. She felt sincerity through the overwhelming words you gave her that made her fearless about falling in love again. She believes you wouldn’t break through her walls. She trusts you with all of her heart like she hasn’t had with any other guy before and she knows that you will never leave her broken. She knows you are smart enough to resist temptations that will possibly dismantle the relationship. She’s comfortable being with you because, unlike them, you will remain faithful to her no matter what trials your relationship will face along your journey together.

Despite of her being juvenile and vulnerable, you completely accepted her. You filled the emptiness in her heart with pure love and joy. And she finally saw in you that you’re the one for her and you are the perfect man that she wants to spend her everyday life with. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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