Life Is Always Going To Be Uncertain And Difficult, But That’s What Makes It Worth Living

Life Will Always Be Uncertain And Difficult (But That's What Makes It Worth Living)
Isaac Hermar

Have you ever thought of running away from reality? Have you ever felt the need to travel alone because you want to escape everything that’s messing you up? Or have you ever felt like you are a failure to yourself?

It’s true that some of us felt the same way. Sometimes trials in life are just way too heavy to carry. They make us anxious. Sometimes we unnoticeably allowing things to flow on its own ‘til it ends and act like as if it’s not there while it gently eats our souls. It leads us to simply break for a while and set aside every dilemmas and pending errands.

These trials are like angels in disguise. We usually think that it will just ruin our plans for the day or our restless lives, but apparently it turns out to be our stepping stone to reach our dreams. Although sometimes it knocks us down and hurts us one way or another and demotivates us whenever we feel the urge to strive hard. It makes us feel lost at times.

Uncertainties are everywhere and it’s a necessity to overcome each and one of them. It doesn’t matter where those came from, what’s messing us up or whatever it is that gives us hesitations and fears. The main concern is that they are always there, dwelling in our shadows.

But that’s okay.

I know it’s going to be okay.

We are going to be okay.

Because no matter what form of trials come in to our lives, they will always turn into new wisdom, a reason to grow as a person and more motivational stories to share.

This world can offer us bunch of reasons to be joyful. It’s alright if we prefer to spend the rest of our day sleeping and spend the night reading a book. It’s okay to eat everything that we crave for even if it gives us extra carbs and makes us fatter. It’s okay if we allow ourselves to have a private alone time. It’s alright if we follow our own steps to achieve our dreams considering that it makes us pleased and carries us to our ambitions in life without distressing anyone.

We are worthy to have blissful moments in this world full of ambiguities.

We deserve to feel at ease each morning we open our eyes to see the sunrise that touches our face and feel the warmth of the sun coming from our windows. We deserve the simplicity of life. We deserve to live peacefully and to sit by the beach while watching the sun goes down that makes us grin innocently. Even the whoosh of the wind that makes our hair dance and the tiniest flower we see can make us smile.

If things don’t go the way we want then perhaps it’s not our time yet. Life is rough at times, but eventually we’ll get through every hindrance in our way anyhow. What I’m trying to say is let’s just be grateful to whatever comes in our lives. We don’t have to complain because in the long run we are all going to acquire something from it. Whether it’s terrible or wonderful, or whatever it may be, it’s going to be something that we’ll appreciate later on.

We may still have uncertain problems in our lives and bruises in our hearts, but that doesn’t mean that we are a disappointment or hopeless or have lost our path. There’s always a time for us to accomplish every single obstacle and challenge we deal with every day. It may take the longest road to achieve the finish line, and we might commit several mistakes along the way, but always remember that life is not a competition and quitting is never a solution. We have tons of chances in this realm of uncertainties to make everything in serenity.

So if you’re feeling worn out from all the uncertainties and trials of life, know that they exist for you to become stronger than what you are right now. To be the better person. To bring out the best version of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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