7 Surefire Ways To Go From Desire To Manifestation In 2014

BE WARNEDThis post is not for the average person…  This is for the extra-ordinary…

Just by reading a post like this I know something about you: That you dare to try new things.

This post is for the ones that stand strong by their deepest desires in the face of mockery and sarcasm… It’s for the brave ones that question “normal” and recognize it for what it is: a synonym for regurgitated bullshit.

If you already created your vision as per “Create the 2014 You Want” from my last post, which went viral, then pat yourself in the back. Because you took a step forward with an open heart  to help yourself — and the world.

If you didn’t yet, please list some of your goals or themes for 2014 now. Have them in front of you. You are on the right track.

Why did I put the warning up there? Because there are lots of people who commit suicide early, and not in a physical way, but rather, in a psychic way as in: Suicide by sarcasm… cynicism… bitterness…

If bitterness has gotten hold of you, I’m very very sorry. This has happened to me as well. You will have to use point #4 a lot to get through it. But it works.

Now, if you are good and ready, then take a look at your collage…or your goals and themes… 

Aren’t they beautiful?  I know they are, because they’re the life you want!


You’ve now engaged your psychic forces to go on a mission and fold the universe in new shapes to attract the opportunities you need.

By the way, this is not BS. This is not self-help. This is not to hang up in your wall, useless.

I use this. I’ve used it. And it’s worked. I’m not selling anything or hyping anything. If you have a better 2014 then life will be better for all. That’s my motive.

Did you notice how many times I said “Now” already?  There is a reason for this, keep reading.

What now?…  How do we help that collage/themes/goals manifest?… How do we live it? … How do we set the stage for success?



Thank the universe or the powers that be, or your higher self, or God, or the stove, or the bookshelf. or the sky, or the sofa, or whatever you want to thank (it does not matter as God does not need your thanks).

Give thanks for the many obstacles that help you grow. They are sent down to us for a reason.

You give thanks because thanking makes YOU humble.  And, yes, granted, eventually you give thanks because you can’t believe how good your life gets, and you are now living your dream.  Your dream.

So thank it for:
a) What you already have.
b) What you want, AS IF YOU ALREADY HAVE IT



When you say “thank you dear universe because…” ALWAYS continue that sentence like this:

“BECAUSE I AM NOW traveling to Hong Kong to study with this teacher (write specific name)”… OR:

  • Thank you. Because I am NOW happily married
  • Thank you. Because I am NOW at my perfect weight
  • Thank you. Because I am NOW financially free
  • Thank you. Because I am NOW doing work I LOVE and being remunerated for it
  • Thank you. Because I am NOW making a positive difference in the world and spreading good information
  • Thank you. Because I am NOW making an impactful difference for a cause I care deeply about

Always NOW.  Always present tense, or present continuous (ing). Why? Because If you phrase things in the future tense they might NEVER come… or take much longer…

Things happen only NOW.  Perhaps not  in THIS now, but they will definitely happen in “A, NOW”.

REMEMBER: Every grateful affirmation for something you want must happen in the present tense and contain the word now.


When I wanted to meet the love of my life, I lived AS IF I already was with him, and I did things… I followed this step.

These are some of those things:

a) One Sunday when I was at home alone, I prepared a meal for two, set the table for two, dressed to the nines and welcomed him into my home.

We had lunch. We laughed, we talked, we loved each other, we made plans for the future.

But it was just ME at the table.

By that I mean: I was alone, technically speaking.  But in my mind, I was fully into it. Living the dream, daring to give full energy to something I really wanted.

I had fun!  (although I admit at times it felt a tiny bit weird, for which I used step 4.

This was months before I met James. (However, notice….”only”… “months.”)  

When we are playful with the universe it delights in our child ways, and it melts, and it folds itself to bring circumstances that can help us.  It can’t help it! The universe is also a child with a heart of sweet butter. It melts in play, and It wants all of us to be happy.

The mind is a strange thing, it doesn’t know what is real and what is not.  If you doubt that, think of the last time you were angry and paranoid… did your mind know any better?

The mind believes what it “wants to believe”.  Use it for good. It’s just a tool. It’s not YOU. It’s a tool we use. Use it well or else it will use you. AND THAT WILL HURT.

b) At the end of my “date” I thanked the universe BECAUSE I AM NOW IN A HAPPY RELATIONSHIP WITH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.  I added something else afterwards (for more on that see point 7.

c) Every day, when I drove back from work I talked to HIM, my boyfriend, who had not materialized yet, and we laughed. HE, was in the passenger seat.  Sometimes we listened to NPR and discussed current issues.  I laughed because he made me laugh.

Now, James makes me laugh every day.  He just did it now.  He came singing out loud from upstairs about going out in the sun as if it was a bright sunny day.  It is minus 11 degrees. Fahrenheit!

d) I did all of this because I believe. I’m a kid at heart and I know you are too if you read this far.

BUT, and this is a big BUT, I only believe in things that I’ve tested and know to NOT BE B/S.  I believe in things that work.  And this works for me.

So go ahead!  Dare to be beautiful and brave and step away from normality because it kills dreams.


It’s hard to drag yourself upstream once the toilet has been flushed.

When negativity takes hold then what?

Whenever you find yourself thinking, or beginning to think that it is not working, or something along those lines, immediately say: “Cancel! Cancel! Cancel!”!

Say it loud. Say it clear. If people are watching all the better – you have witnesses.

Do it like you mean it.

Because it does cancel it.


Identify the people that drag you down.  The ones that tell you it will never work for you.  THEY ARE THE ONES THAT WILL MAKE IT NOT WORK.

They want normal.  They don’t want you to change. It would mean THEY would have to change.

Identify the ones that suck your blood, laugh at your expense, use sarcastic remarks about your infinite ingenuity and desire to live well…

Identify the ones that don’t want you to play like a child and have fun.  Get them out!

You are on the right track.  You know it is your birthright to be well, to have well-being, to be creative and useful, to be happy.

They are not ready. Bless them, and let them go.  May they find their way out of the toilet of sarcasm for the good of all.

When you let them go they’ll be less angry.  You will thrive.

Everyone wins.


I’ve talked a LOT about silence in the past couple of months.  I sit for an hour a day, and invite everyone to try at least 20 minutes if an hour is too long.

Here is a video so you can sit for 20 minutes with me.  


Not much happens in it.  That is the point…

The silence resets the nervous system, calms you down, and centers you, but… IT ALSO HAS ONE MAGIC POWER: The silence trains you to wait ONE, TWO, THREE seconds BEFORE MAKING A DECISION.

Those three seconds mean the world when it comes to RECOGNIZING OPPORTUNITY.

You did your collage, you wrote your goals, you identified your themes, so the universe is already folding itself in ways to bring you what you want.

You must keep your eyes peeled to notice the opportunities knocking at your door…

Silence does that.  Don’t take my word. You try it. See for yourself.

Enough said.


Yeah, I know, some people hate the word “surrender”… it’s easier said than done… but… IS IT?

If you got this far in this post, then trust that I am going to give you a specific technique instead of meaningless self-help words.

Check this out:

Whatever your affirmation is (in the now), add this afterwards: “Thank you because THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER… is NOW HAPPENING TO ME AND FOR THE GOOD OF ALL. SO BE IT. SO IT IS. SO SAY WE ALL.

The part where you say:  “or something better” opens the doors to the cosmic forces to bring something unexpected. Something your mind cannot even imagine, something that will surprise you, and something that might help more than just you.

“Or something better” + “for the good of all”  =  you get to surrender. Easily

“So be it” = “So it is”

“So say we all” = “we are not alone”

Imagine this: there’s you. Then there’s the entire Universe. I bet on the Universe. Always. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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