Work Stress Management: Millennial Style

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Time in. Goal setting. Timeline plotting. Meetings. Actual work. Breaks. Completion of goals. Time out.  And…the cycle continues. Corporate life is indeed an unending chain of reactions.

What you do for a living is a reflection of what you want to be, who you ought to be, and how hard you compete with yourself to step up in the corporate jungle. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need discussed the necessity for professional growth and recognition to achieve self-actualization. In essence, man’s professional advancement is not for the mere yield of accolade but for the inherent desire to continuously improve his present skill set and unleash unknown capacities and potentials through exposure to multifaceted duties while in the work place.

Where you are right now and where you stand in the corporate ladder is a product of countless decisions you’e made throughout the years. Complexity of tasks, commensurate compensation and benefits, realistic metrics/quotas, management style and structure, and employee engagement are few of the factors which implicate professional decision-making. While these may seem to impact employers on a business perspective, the employee’s stress level and regard for his job is key to staying, growing, and learning within the organization.

While stress is an inevitable aspect of work, millennials nowadays have numerous ways to reduce and alleviate work related stress. Should you feel burned out or half-hearted to come to work daily keep these in mind.

Breathe in motivation. Exhale Negativity.

Despite feeling negative polarities within you or others which will be inevitable go back to your Ws (who, what, why) and keep your desire to answer those questions. May it be a person, a much coveted fancy item, an awaited travel, or for professional gain, always remember that this is what will keep you going everyday. This is how you will manage to bravely surpass your desire to just
ignore the ringing of your alarm.

Surround Yourself with Great People.

There is nothing wrong with building, keeping, and maintaining amicable relationships at work. Looking forward to work because of peers adds to your daily motivation. Remind yourself though to be in a circle of people with the same motivations and values. It wouldn’t kill to have a squad for post-work meals and TGIF drinks. Raid the newly opened food parks, dance the night away at the metros top clubs, dine at fancy restaurants, and go on out-of- town trips with people who share the same level of stress for they would understand you well. No more rants just laughter, booze, and stress relieving spots.

Be open to OPINIONS, ASK Questions.

Despite feelings of injustice be brave to ask. This is not a defensive argument but a reasonable discourse to understand present policies, impending changes, and current processes. Communication is better than assumption. Saying Yes to something you do not fully understand or agree with will simply eat you and those negative thoughts will definitely eat you affecting your performance and how you deal with your co-workers. Learn to listen as well and understand the answers to your questions whether it may seem acceptable or not. You ask to get a reasonable answer not considering personal opinion on the matter. See things in a rational perspective. The commandment for this is ‘thou shall not rant regarding work related issues on social media’ instead discuss it in the most reasonable environment. YOUR OFFICE.

Spend Rest Days RESTING.

If you can turn off your business phone, leave an out-of- office mailer, or just forget your tasks whether pended or not JUST DO IT. Spending a weekend in the comforts of your home, an out of town spot, or with non-work people makes a big difference and don’t forget to heal your souls by paying your GOD a visit as it will provide spiritual healing you won’t find else where. Resting prepares you to come to work on Monday with a clear mind and uplifted spirit.

WORK by Challenging YOURSELF.

It wouldn’t be a paying JOB if it was easy. It wouldn’t be designated to you if other people can do it. Just rock and do your best everyday. Doing better and learning to embrace the challenges hones you to be a bigger and better individual. Not just at work but in the bigger picture we call life. Loving what you do daily would make it a passion rather than a habit.

Support Your Significant Others and Seek Help with Your Professional Decisions.

May it be a decision which will lead to good or bad results do know that being in a position of unhappiness and dissatisfaction is incurable by external help. One must stay beside their wives/ husbands/ boyfriends/girlfriends/families/friends while at this phase as your presence is something they need despite you feeling that it isn’t helping. The only time you provide your take on the situation is when it is solicited to avoid adding of coal to an already burning fire of inadequacy.

Take a Much Deserved BREAK.

It doesn’t kill to spend your hard earned pay on a vacation to a quiet beach, a local town, or a foreign country. Traveling to immerse yourself in different heritages, cultures, and experiences will allow you to mature and understand how life can be both beautiful and difficult. It will in fact deduce realizations that may help with how you plan to continue on with your career. Should this not help.


Your life and your circumstance is something I won’t fully understand. Just know and choose what’s best for you and your life. It wouldn’t be us lacing those shoes anyway. IT’S ALWAYS YOU. Just shake it all off. All your inhibitions, all your complaints, and all the negativity will go away once you’ve chosen to let go of opportunities which you know isn’t meant for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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