The Four Types Of Men You Will Meet (And Fall In Love With) In Your Lifetime

Cole Hutson

When we come across a person, initially HE is a stranger to us and as we seek to know them, identify there positive and negative characteristics, and share moments and interests; eventually we realize that we have begun to develop that most spoken emotion, LOVE. In your lifetime you will meet 4 TYPES of MEN.

The Puppy Love

He will be your young love. You may have met HIM in the neighborhood you lived in, the school you went to, that church your family frequented on Sundays, or through family friends. He is that SUMMER CAMP type of love. He will be the FIRST of firsts. He was awkward, calm, and cheesy. He will be the guy who sweeps you off your feet with flowers, surprises, and childish courtship. He will be your first of everythings. The first love, first hug, and first kiss. As time passes by, young and innocent as you are, PEOPLE CHANGE.

Our choices, aspirations, motivations, and directions change as we grow up and that seemingly invincible relationship of yours will crumble. Slowly you realize that you have different interests until you begin to disagree with each other, never respecting each one’s individuality. College applications, moving to a new city, or long distance relationships may begin to take its toll. Walking through different paths and mingling in different circles, you will grow apart as you follow your own light. This love will allow you to realize that relationships entail understanding, patience, and common ground, but young as you are you fail to understand COMPROMISE. And just like the end of the SUMMER, your puppy love will falter like the setting of the sun and the transition of seasons.

The Crazy Love

He will be the storm in a calm ocean. He will come into your life like a grenade unleashing excitement and you will be blinded by this. He will not be who you thought you’d want to be with but the tangy feeling would feel so good and it will draw you closer to your limits. After the excitement has subsided you will begin to look at him with so much expectation and he will continue to disappoint you, but you will keep holding on because it will be too late… You are smitten and locked to the relationship.

He will treat you in ways you didn’t realize someone who claims to love you will and it will be a phase of uncertainty. He will haunt you in your sleep not as dreams but as nightmares and wishful thinking. At the end of the day you will regret being with him because you’ve lost everything—your standards, your life, your dreams, and your heart. He will leave you and leave an irreparable void of questions and what ifs. You will recover because you knew that it was partly your fault that you fell for his dangerous charm, but you will be broken. Broken, to a point that you wouldn’t imagine yourself giving your love to someone again. This love will teach you to keep your self-respect, self-worth, and your ability to take control of your life. After being pained by this loss, you will rebuild yourself hoping to find love again.

The Brave Love

He will be the calm after the storm. Someone who will hold you like fragile glass. He will love you unconditionally and bravely show you the world. He will hold your hands while on the street, kiss you in escalators, and treat you just the way you should be. You will love him sincerely and maybe you will last. He will give all his efforts and allow you to be the princess you ought to be. But when it’s time… he will leave.

He will leave and teach you the lesson that if there should be anyone who will take care of you, it should be no one but YOURSELF. And just like a ghost in the night, he will be snatched. Hopefully, you are ready for this but if not, just keep holding on. Holding on to the valuable lesson that you deserve to be loved in the most beautiful way, and that is the love that will stay. After him, you won’t settle for anything less. It will be a long journey of meeting people, ghosting them when you realize they’re not the one, and meeting new people again. Because of this love, you will not be afraid to love again, but it will be better than all else.

The “ONE”

After a long wait, a few missed appointments, men pretending to be single but are in a relationship, and few wrong turns you will meet the ONE. He will be the mixture of your ideal man and the man you deserve. They will not present to be perfect at first but slowly as the days, weeks, and months progress you will find yourself realizing why it never worked out with anyone else. He will be your best friend, your lover, your competitor, your guidance counselor, your father, your brother, your ROCK, and CONFIDANTE.

It will not always be a sunny day but at the end you will go to sleep at night with the contentment of being with someone who understands, accepts and loves you for who you ARE. You will be the same. After having learned from all the other encounters in your life, you will lose the selfishness, inconsideration, and egotistical attitudes which brought you down. You will slowly find yourself settling down not for LESS, but for GOOD.

I’m not saying there’s just four men you will meet. I’m pretty sure a lovely, kind, considerate, and strong woman like you have met a lot in your LIFETIME. What I do know is that there are those men who MADE, BROKE, and HEALED you. They can come in different chapters of your life. Just don’t fear them when they come knocking. When you find yourself falling for someone and loving them, give it your best shot. It’s not what you lost that leaves a mark in your LIFE. It’s what you can give and continuously give despite all the experiences you’ve had.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Claudette is a young single mom who works as a professional nurse.

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