How To Love A Single Mom

Valeria Zoncoll

You will never be her FIRST in all things but she will try her best to put you as SECOND. You will never be her PRIORITY but she will juggle her time to ensure you will never feel out of place.

You will never be her LAST because at the end of the day what completes her is the time to play and talk to her kid. But, you knew that when you decided to be man enough to LOVE her and all that’s attached to her BEING.

You continue to be second in your mind but in hers, you’ve taken a place equal to her own flesh and blood.

Before your came to her life, her world was in ruins, like Troy after that deceitful gift from the Spartans. Yet she had to toughen up and not succumb to the despair of being left behind or had to make the choice to leave because another little life depended on her.

She becomes the bravest kind of woman. Strong exteriors from an observer’s eye, yet she remains to be the gentle and loving woman she was because she is softened by motherhood.

The most compelling part of their story is when they decide to open themselves to love again. Just like any other woman, they fear that they are set again for another heartbreak. She built strong walls that only a man of confidence, strength, and responsibility could ever break and she decides to take that chance and open herself to the opportunity be loved and love again, because in reality she is a woman who has so much love to give and at the same time she is a lady who needs lots of love, affection, and care.

So think twice before loving and hurting a single mom, because when you love a single mom it is not easy for them to give their equal time, affection, and attention to all the people she holds dear especially her child.

The words that you hear, the warmth you feel, and the love you reciprocate… these are moments that she ever so carefully shares to you because you matter so much to her.

Should you decide to love women like us be prepared to be second. Because being second is never too bad when you are loved by women who have the greatest capacity to love again, despite being hurt and left to thrive on their own.

Should you decide to hurt and leave women like us, don’t worry, because we’ve had bigger travesties to face and trials to surpass other than this. But even so, be more careful when you hold us. We are fine-looking wreckages that refuse to crumble down despite our damaged state. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Claudette is a young single mom who works as a professional nurse.

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