Claudette Atienza

Claudette is a young single mom who works as a professional nurse.

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Claudette Atienza

Why She Is Still Single

She doesn’t plan on settling for 2nd best, just a face, just a money bag, just a car, or just a career. She wants the total package and she doesn’t mind waiting for the rest of her life for the right man to come because a grown woman knows what and who she wants to be with

How To Love A Single Mom

So think twice before loving and hurting a single mom, because when you love a single mom it is not easy for them to give their equal time, affection, and attention to all the people she holds dear especially her child.

How To Forgive The One Who Broke You

What sets a GOOD person apart from others is the fact that they get past these phases and emotions and turn all the negativities they’ve felt into positive thoughts.

How The Broken Girl Picked Herself Up

She begins to understand that what looks good may not be totally healed, but it is one step towards the goal. The broken woman doesn’t jump on the next opportunity for a relationship. Instead, she takes her time alone and relishes the moment of loving herself and the people around her.