Who Am I? How Do Others See Me? Take This Little Quiz And Find Out.

Shutterstock / Niels Hariot
Shutterstock / Niels Hariot

That’s the big question we all want to know. We constantly look at ourselves in the mirror trying hard to see what others see. But mirrors lie. They tell very little about us really.

Let’s say you’ve just met someone you like and they want to know something about you. Do you really know how to respond to that? Maybe you think you do but chances are you don’t even know yourself. Here’s a little test to help you in that regard. But you will have to do the analyzing yourself. If you’re not good at that, get a friend to help.

Listen to this little story and when asked about something specific, just answer off the top of your head. Don’t think about it. Just answer with your first impression that comes to mind.

Story: You are walking down a road and you come to a fork in the road. One fork leads off smoothly and straight ahead. The other fork leads up a winding dirt path into the hills. Which fork to you take?

As you’re continuing on your way, suddenly you come to an obstacle right in the middle of your path. What is it? …How do you deal with overcoming it so that you can continue on your way?

You are now on your path again which leads into a forest. Soon, you come to an opening and ahead of you is a body of water. What is it? …Describe the condition of the water.

You continue now and soon come out into the hills. You look up and there is a house on top of one of them. Describe the house.

Now you climb the hill to the house hoping to go inside. Is the door open or is it simply closed but not locked? Or is it locked completely?

The door then opens for you and you are able to go inside to the living room. Describe that. …There is also a fireplace along one wall. Is there a fire burning inside it, smoldering ashes or no fire at all, just cold ashes or the fire place has been swept clean?

Now you go over to a large picture window and look out. Describe the scene you see. …What is the weather like outside? End of story.

Our visuals tell something about us. They come from our subconscious and are part of our unconscious thought process much like in dreams. And this tells us things about us we might not have known before. Here is how to analyze your responses and gain some insight about yourself:

The fork you took is the direction you want to take in life. If you took the smooth path, you are the more conservative type, not wanting the burden of the unknown which might lead to unnecessary problems like debt or failed relationships later on. If you took the winding path into the hills, you are more the creative type, one who enjoys art, music, painting, those kinds of things. For you, you will not be satisfied sitting behind a desk no matter how much success it might bring you. You are interested in the rich experiences of life. You may not make a fortune at it but you will enjoy every moment to the fullest.

The obstacle in your path represents problems you encounter in life. Was the obstacle small and easy to deal with or was it big and downright annoying? That’s how you view your problems. And how you dealt with the obstacle is how you deal with problems in general. If you simply stepped over the obstacle, you deal pretty well with them. If you had difficulty getting past it, that’s pretty indicative of how your problems deal with you.

The body of water represents your sex life. Was it expansive like a lake or ocean and therefore bountiful? Or was it small like a stream or creek. And what was the quality of the water? Was it clear, rippling, wavy, which is healthy and active, or was it murky or stagnant? This may not be true of your future sex life, but it is indicative of how it has been or is probably at present.

You saw a house up on the hill. Your description of the house is how you feel others perceive you. Is the house big or small? This can mean you are gregarious or self-absorbed. Is it new, in livable condition or is it sagging and possibly falling down? If it’s the latter, maybe it’s time to join a gym… Anything you can do to improve yourself at this point will help boost your sagging ego most definitely.

The door to the house is very interesting. It represents how open you are to new friends or relationships. It speaks for itself.

The living room is how you see yourself. Is the room spacious, comfortable, well-furnished? This might mean you believe you are interesting, intelligent or that others tend to like being with you. Or is it cluttered, in need of refurbishing? That is how you feel about yourself. Only you can do something about that.

The fire place tells something about your love relationships. If there is a brisk fire burning in it, then your current relationship is healthy and satisfactory. If the fire is out but ashes still smoldering, well, you were in love once but unfortunately that’s history now. If the fireplace is swept clean, you haven’t really been in love yet at all. You’re in for a kicker, baby!

And what you see out the window is how you view your future. Could you see into the distance? That might mean you feel you have the possibility of a long future ahead of you. If the sun is shining and trees are green and swaying in the breeze, well, you see a bright future ahead, for sure. But if what you saw was the opposite, say gray, bleak, stormy… time to get serious about your life which is quickly passing you by.

No test is completely accurate, of course. But this one can give a general picture that will be food for thought. Give the test to your friends. It’s a lot of fun–and surprising–hearing their unexpected answers. Discuss both yours and theirs and analyze each other’s, as well. Others are always better at analyzing us than we are ourselves simply because we are so subjective but quite objective about others.

Finding out who we are and how we feel others perceive us is only as important to you want to make it. Most of us, and especially millennials who are in a period of self-discovery, will welcome any opportunity for insight and to make that mirror reflect reality for us. Learning who we are is the most exciting mystery in life! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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