5 Things Having Severe Acne Taught Me

Abigail Keenan
Abigail Keenan

Issues like insecurities, depression (in general, mental health), and sickness are better shared by those who had experience with it.

I’m not saying I’m the best person to tell this. But suppose, someone who never experienced having to stay in a hospital are to comfort those who are staying in a hospital, how would that be? Well, to begin with, there’s not much to share, unless you’ve experienced it. 

Having been struggling with severe acne in the past, it has not been easy. I went through 5 Stages of Grieving as well. 

But, here are things I’ve learned from having severe acne:

1. People are quick to judge and slow to listen

And that’s totally fine.

That doesn’t necessarily make them the bad person and I’m the victim—it just happens to be a common tendency. There were times when people would approach me and list me the things I should and should not do; they want to help, they don’t know what they’re talking about. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankful for people who would give me constructive advice, but I’m uncomfortable with those who directly jumped into conclusion.

Just when I was about to tell them I’m having a hormonal acne, they would tell me I have acne because I didn’t wash my face properly. (Really?)

It was uncomfortable and I was slightly offended. But overtime, I’ve learned that people will say anything they want to say and you can’t control them. After all, we are living in a society that aims to have a perfectly airbrushed appearance.

2. I get to know more about myself 

Only until I had my severe acne did I find out about how much I look for people’s acceptance.

I’ve learned that I actually cared so much, about what others had to say about me.

This gave me a chance to change myself for the better.

Having acne did the opposite of how I want to be treated by others. Eventually, I’m forced to change and learn to not care.

3. Sometimes, there’s nothing I can do

Wait, sit there nicely and have faith.  Medications are tough, but that’s the process. 

It takes time to heal.

4. It’s easier to hate myself, than loving

I remember the time I would look into the mirror and just cried.

So dramatic, but I hated myself for looking like that. But then, I’ve learned that loving yourself doesn’t happen instantly— it has to be learned. Learning takes time, process, practice, and repetition.

5. Beauty doesn’t just come from outward adornment.

There’s more than about the airbrushed perfection.

I’m not saying that I’m beautiful, but there’s more to that.

Even though my skin was cringe-worthy, there are more things to cultivate within me; like my skills and talent. (On the other note, I have learned how to cook! YAY!)

I used to think that if I look prettier and have better skin I would be more confidentI was wrong. I’ve learned that it’s all on the outer appearance. After all the acne, I am still me. 

I’ve learned that there’s nothing more beautiful than being confident with who I am.

To sum it up, as difficult as it was, I have learned a lot of lessons.

And it just happened that I’ve had few of my lessons in a form of acne. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Clarissa Dewi is a pianist, music teacher, keyboard player, and a freelance writer.

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