I Interned Abroad Instead Of Studying And It Changed Me

What no one ever told me about interning abroad is that it forces you to grow up and become an adult faster than you could ever expect. I was working 40-hour weeks, 9-5, Monday – Friday. Going out on a weeknight? Forget it.

Studying abroad gives someone the opportunity to discover the world. Interning abroad gives someone the opportunity to discover a new home.

Interning abroad made me realize three things:

  1. I love my moms cooking
  2. Living in an apartment on your own isn’t going to be all fun and games (i.e cleaning, grocery shopping and being civil with strangers)
  3. I have so much potential as a person and my newfound confidence is what I really needed all along.

I went into interning abroad thinking that I was going to get great work experience and meet new people and drink all sorts of different beers. It’s great to succeed at your job at home and to get praise, but to succeed at a job in a different country and to receive positive feedback is unlike anything else.

I felt successful in a foreign country and that I was capable of so much. From starting at my job, my confidence only grew. I took each step with more confidence and pride. I found myself smiling at strangers, saying yes to new adventures and wanting to do more with my life. I felt in control of my life, I felt that I was able to do whatever I set my mind too. My confidence I gained in Ireland is something that I will never lose; it will forever be apart of me. This summer was my summer because I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I did things I didn’t think I’d ever do, travel around Europe by myself and just slowly fell in love with my beautiful life.

All-in-all, my experience while interning abroad made me realize that I can accomplish my dreams. My summer abroad was my summer because I let myself be be pushed out of my comfort zone. The discomfort turned into adventure, laughter, smiles, tears and memories that will I will hold onto forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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