She's Going To Be The Girl You Wish You Never Let Go

She’s Going To Be The Girl You Wish You Never Let Go

You had her, dude. She was yours.

She would have done anything for you. She loved you deeply and was by your side through everything, both good and bad. She made you laugh and also wasn’t afraid to tell you when you were being an ass. She sure as hell didn’t need you, but she was glad you were around and made sure you knew that.

She was also the type who stuck up for herself, so when you started treating her badly, when you took too long to make plans, to be there for her, to text back at all, she let you know that either you changed or she was gone.

But you never did. Instead of fighting for her, instead of shaping up, you let her go.

And now you regret it, a decision you’re going to have to live with. 

You made your bed and now you need to sleep in it. She haunts you at night when you dream that she’s still around, and you always wake up alone.

Because the thing is, you loved her too. You did. But something got in the way. Maybe it was your ego or fear. Maybe it was the way that she always felt too good to be true. Whatever the reason, though, it doesn’t really matter, because the end result is always the same: she’s gone.

It sucks, doesn’t it? Realizing what you had too little too late.

Because you still think about her, even though you never admit it. You act like you’re over it, even though you know you’re not. And her?

She’s just fine without you. 

It was hard at first, to walk away, but she knows her worth. She knows she made the right call. She knows that she deserves more than you, someone who couldn’t see what was standing right in front of them.

So don’t call her. Don’t text her. Don’t chase her. Don’t tell her that you’re sorry; trust me, she already knows you are.

You had your chance and now all she’s going to be to you is the girl you wish you never let go. And you? You’re just some boy she used to know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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