Date Someone Who Makes You Excited About Monday Mornings

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Date someone who makes you excited about Monday mornings.

Someone who makes the blaring alarm clock a little less jarring, a little less abrasive, a little less unfortunate. Someone who makes facing the week seem exciting, instead of daunting. Someone who makes you feel like you can take on any morning, any day whther it’s Saturday or Monday.

Someone who greets you with coffee and your first thought isn’t, Oh damn, it’s Monday, but is (instead) Oh, thank God I have you.

Because when you’re with someone who makes you excited about Mondays, you know you’re with someone who you’ll always be thrilled to be with no matter what day of the week.

Date someone who will always, and forever, lessen your Monday blues.

Someone who eases your anxiety about your impending responsibilities, who makes the start of your week just as exciting as the end of your week. Someone who you wouldn’t mind being stuck in 8 AM, Monday traffic with because it’s just as exciting as any drive. Someone who you love being with whether it’s 8 AM on Monday or 8 PM on Friday. Someone who makes your Mondays like Weekends.

Because when you are with someone who makes your Monday feel like a Friday, you’ll never be bored.

When you’re with someone who makes you love Mondays, you’re bound to love every day. You’re bound to love every moment, no matter how small.

And that’s the testament to true love.

Do you love each other in the small moments?

Do you love each other when things are more everyday and less special occasion? Do you love each other when you’re facing your work life, and not your exciting Friday night? Do you love each other when you’d rather have a Venti latté instead of a glass of Malbec?

Do you love each other when you’re actually existing instead of just fantasizing?

Because that’s the truth about Monday mornings.

Monday mornings are when these things are actualized, when things are honest. Monday mornings are when things stop being polite, and start getting real. Monday mornings are when you really see the difference between a “just for now” and a “just for forever” relationship.

So please.

Date someone who makes you love Monday mornings.

Who makes rolling off your pillow a little more bearable, a little less annoying. Who makes your alarm clock going off just a thing and not the worst thing. Who makes you coffee that tastes as good as that mimosa at brunch on the weekends.

Who makes getting up in the mornings, no matter the day, a blessing.

Date someone who makes you excited about Monday mornings.

Because if they can make you excited about Monday mornings, they can probably make you excited about anything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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