This Is Why I Stayed

This Is Why I Stayed

You asked me to walk away. To let you go. But I stayed.

You begged me to run away. To save my heart from all the misery. To run away while I still can. Yet, I stayed.

You tried to push me away, a million times. You told me all the hurtful words I’ve never imagined you’re capable of saying. You raised your walls, so high, that I am finding it so hard to climb or break in.

You told me there’s no more reason trying. That we can never be fixed and we can never be saved. Yet, I still held on to my faith, and stayed.

I stayed because I know, that somewhere, underneath the anger and hatred. Beneath that shield of bitterness and disappointments. I know, she’s still there.

That woman that I love and adore. The one who first made me believe that this is all worth fighting for. That woman who can touch my soul with just one look through her eyes. That woman who I wanna wake up to for the rest of my life.

That woman is my Kryptonite. My Achilles heel. She can easily bring me down on my knees once she starts crossing her eyebrows and rolls her eyes. I’ll do everything to make her happy even if it will cost me my life.

That woman, with the most beautiful smile. The one I can never get tired of watching. Even when our skin start to wrinkle. Even when we get to eighty-five, where have to hold on to our sticks as we walk hand in hand searching for a place to celebrate our anniversary on May 5.

I know she is still there. Just resting. Because after all the disappointments I’ve caused her in the past, I know she just needs a break.

I have faith, that someday, she will eventually be revived. When she’s ready to continue this adventure that we started together.

I’ll eventually get to hold her around my arms again. I’ll get to taste her lips. I’ll get to witness her laugh and smile. I’ll get to hear the sound of her voice.

I know, that day will come, where she will call me the same way she called me before. I know someday, her heart will be awakened and she’ll continue our journey to fight for our love that is worth fighting for.

I have faith, that someday, she’ll come back… I will hear her tell me those three words again.

I will be constant regardless of how much things will change.

I will love her, despite all the changes.

This is the reason why I stayed.

And I will always stay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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