Follow Your Own Heart And Happiness

I never recommend looking back if it is not going to help you move forward. Especially when you look back in anger, fear, or sadness. Looking back for those reasons is never a good idea. But it is okay to look back once in a while, especially when you are about to embark on a new journey in your life.

When I made the decision to pursue the career and city I was in for nearly ten years, I made my goals happen. Simply put, I eventually hit a point in my life where I realized the path I chose just was not for me.

It is interesting when you look back with a different perspective on life. It is even more thought-provoking when you have a high level of self-awareness looking back at your decisions. You start realizing that the journey you chose is not really you anymore. Maybe it used to be you, maybe it never was.

Either way, I decided to make life decisions for my own happiness, and myself, not for anyone else. I am done with making decisions based on what others say, do and think. You only have one life to live and that is why you should choose what is best for you. Nobody else. For me, those decisions are intertwined with a new journey – new career and a new location.

I have no idea where my life is heading at this point and for the first time in my life, I am okay with that. I am choosing a new career path that is more aligned with who I am as a person, both personally and professionally. I am doing what it takes to get there. That is the only thing I know about my life. I only know the things I can control and I am okay with not knowing the unknown.

Being comfortable with the unknown is such a crucial part of your life and it makes making life decisions like mine much easier.

Whatever happens, I know I will survive and accomplish my goals regardless of detours and roadblocks. I know this because I can control the way I react to life, whatever that is. I know I am following my own happiness and myself.

Nobody should ever place his or her happiness in anyone else. It is only you that can bring happiness to yourself. It does take a village for life to happen, and your loved ones will absolutely improve the quality of your life. It takes confidence, self-awareness, self-honesty, and strength to improve your own mindset and to follow your own mind, dreams, and passions.

Knowing that I am making decisions based on me and being comfortable with the unknown brings me a lot of peace. I hope others find this kind of peace and find the courage to follow their true selves and find their own happiness. Thought Catalog Logo Mark