8 Types Of Families That Are All Very Different, Yet Still Completely Functional

Let’s be honest – there hardly exists a perfect, happy family today (as pessimistic as that sounds). The idea of a family has become so distorted that we don’t know what is normal anymore. At most, a family can be described by the relationships that our parents have and the relationships we have with our parents. (The list below consists of family structures I have experienced or heard from through others)

1. Divorced

This kind of family is the most common situation that you might hear around today, which is concerning at how often it happens. From personal experience, I learned that not all relationships are perfect and you cannot blame your parents for going through such a difficult process. It is definitely difficult on them to decide between their own happiness or to stay together for the sake of their kids. All around though, it’s still pretty tough on both ends.

2. Gay family

I’ve never met one, but I know they’re out there.

3. Parents in a different country

This kind of family usually is spread around all over the world. I never thought it was possible, however, these kids usually haven’t seen their parents in awhile. They live in a completely different continent by themselves, so they’re usually very independent and more mature than others. I actually met someone in college who was from Korea and lived in the US since he was small. He lived with his uncle for a bit, but eventually went off on his own (with the help of his parent’s money from back home of course). So he basically has no parental figures in his life – there’s only so much they can do from so far away. (These kinds of parents are also usually pretty loaded)

4. Parents of different races

This combination of two cultures is pretty amazing. We may not think much of it, but we usually end up marrying to someone of the same race. It’s much more comfortable with someone who gets your cultural traditions and food tastes. In this case, one of my closest friends is half white, half Korean. It’s pretty cool to eat some of her mom’s homemade kimchi and mandu in a completely American style house.

5. Parents still together, but basically divorced

You just have that gut feeling that your parent’s don’t really love each other anymore. Or you just know.

6. Remarried/Dating

You have extra stepsiblings and a stepmother or stepfather. If you’re lucky enough your parent divorced early and found him or herself another spouse to transition them into a parent position in your life.

7. Single

These relationships with the parent and child are usually stronger than others. You know that they are doing their best on their own to take care of you and with that comes respect.

8. Perfect

There are still these kinds of families – not exactly perfect but still have their own kind of uniqueness. It’s those parents who have a good relationship with each other and their kids. In college, it’s those friends who could text their mom about boy problems and have a phone call that didn’t always include a lecture or yelling. It was honest communication and understanding between the two ends. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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