10 Things I Do When I Have A Night To Myself


These are many of the things I do when I have the house to myself for a night, which for many of us is an all too rare occasion! This definitely doesn’t list all the possibilities, so I’d love to hear some more ideas from you all! However, I’m betting that you ladies, and maybe even some of you awesome men out there, can relate to a few, if not all of these!

1. Watch those horrible “Chick Flicks”

Admittedly, this does not make me unique by any stretch of the imagination. However, my guy will tolerate some of the movies that have earned this label, but I do take him into consideration. I save the really “terrible” ones, for when he’s gone. You know which ones I mean, The Sweetest Thing, What Happens In Vegas, Sex and The City etc.
(What’s your favorite guilty pleasure movie?)

2. Use every product I’ve ever purchased from Bath and Body Works

Okay, well not every product, but you get my point. Bust out those face washes, lotions, pillow sprays, & other powerfully scented products! At that point it’s time to lotion up my feet and elbows and knees and envelop my room in the smells of being a girl! Spraying body spray into the fan is normal right? If not, well then of course I don’t do that …

3. Organize my undies into categories

Don’t even try to pretend you’ve never done this, ladies! Every girl has her, “fancy panties”, every day panties, and those reserved for that exceptionally fun week of the month. Of course my organization goes to hell within 3 days, but it’s the effort that counts right?

4. Bust out the good chocolate

Make no mistake, I don’t mind, actually I love sharing things with my guy. However, my one treat that I keep to myself is the REALLY good chocolate. Ghirardelli or Lindt …maybe a square of both, during a chick flick… it’s just wonderful!

5. Take over the whole bed

If I can take a nap, and breech the boundary of “my side” …its glorious! Not to mention I get to hog all the pillows and steal all the stuffed animals for myself! Yes I’m in my 20s and have stuffed animals. Don’t be jealous.

6. Shop online

Okay I do this when others are around too, but alone time is for the guilty pleasure shopping! The movies that I really don’t need, even MORE lotion or body spray (come on it’s on sale) or yes maybe even presents for some of the people I love. I mean who doesn’t love getting presents for no reason?

7. Pinterest!

Yes of course I’ll repin some things when I’m with others, but when it’s just me, my computer mouse is in danger! Those hours – long Pinterest binges happen til 2 or 3 am. Magically I have 4 new boards and a couple hundred new pins, where did the night go? Well at least I have new ideas for my some-day house right?

8. Read a good book.

Reading with other people around is all well & good, but there are those inevitable interruptions and it just ruins the flow of the book. So when I get a night alone, it’s sometimes as simple as a blanket, the book, a few pillows and me.

9. Clean/ Do Laundry

Moms will understand this. I do pick up when people are home or do a load of laundry here and there. But the hard core cleaning/ baskets of laundry annihilation is reserved for the times when I don’t have 3 other people demanding my attention. I love my family, & my guy, but it’s SO much easier to do these things on my own time!

10. Have a glass of wine…Or 3

Alright maybe the bottle loses its life once in a while on my alone nights. But again, what girl doesn’t indulge a little more when flying solo? It’s okay because there’s water in between each glass. Then with that I say …wine, fruit and reality tv…I think so!

So tell me ladies (and gentlemen)….

What do YOU do when you’re on your own for a night? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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