10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Woman Who Travels

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MariyaL / (Shutterstock.com)

Love is a beautiful thing that can be complicated at times. There are some situations that can make your love life a bit easier, such as living in the same state or at least the same country as your significant other. But even if you do, there are some people out there such as myself—people that are craving to experience, discover, and explore our beautiful world. And sometimes, being in a relationship with a person like that can be difficult. Should the constant feeling of wanderlust that your partner has be a deal-breaker in your relationship?

I don’t think so. And therefore I will give you 10 reasons why you should date a woman who travels.

1. Because she is independent.

Do not let her independence intimidate or frighten you. Love this quality about her. She can face the toughest challenges that life throws in her face while having the biggest smile on her face. She has her financial situation under control and is not clingy. She is not afraid to be by herself. Recognize these qualities and love her for them. And just because she is independent does not mean that she does not need you. Of course she does; however, she does not need you to complete her. She feels complete, but she wants you to add something to her life, and that is why she wants to be with you. Never feel insecure about this part.

2. Because she is curious.

She is curious to see the world and look further than her comfortable life back at home. She is curious to learn about other cities, countries, and cultures. This curiosity will result in a state of open-mindedness she could never accomplish while in her comfort zone. A woman who travels is more likely to say yes to your proposal to try something new. Her curiosity has led her to many challenges in life and she is always open to try something new. She likes to broaden her horizon. So you want to go skydiving? Bungee-jumping? There’s a big chance that she has already done those things in the most beautiful and exotic locations all around the world.

3. Because she is open-minded.

Because she travels and meets different people from different backgrounds, she has many different cities and countries and is used to different lifestyles. She won’t be a Judge Judy about every little thing that you do.

4. Because she is less materialistic.

Because she is used to be on the road so often she has gotten comfortable with living with only necessary items. She does not need the latest designer shoes or the latest luxury IT-bag. Of course a woman who travels can still like fancy-pansy stuff, but it is not a necessity. She can survive without it.

5. Because she is smart.

A woman who travels gets the best education anyone could ever have—the education of life with the world as her school. It honestly does not get any better than that. Remember when you were back at school, going to all those boring lectures and doing your never-ending homework? How much have you actually learned from back then that you are still using these days? And now think back of that internship that you did the 3rd year of your college and how much that that has brought you. Traveling is like a big internship. You learn so much more in the real world. A woman who travels develops a sense of street smartness that you can’t get anywhere else. She is used to thinking fast and handling herelf well in the most awkward and annoying situations.

6. Because she has great stories to tell.

A woman that travels has seen so much of all the beauty in our world. She can tell you stories about the most beautiful sunsets she has seen at one of the most amazing beaches in Bali, the time she spent in a meditation camp where she was not allowed to talk for 10 days, the train trip through Europe she enjoyed a lot, the time she locked herself out of her hotel room in Thailand. These are just a few examples. A woman who travels is like an endless well filled with exciting stories!

7. Because she will understand you if you are canceling a date.

Like mentioned in the first statement. She is independent, but this is not the only reason why she understands if you cancel a date and she won’t get upset about this. She probably has a dozen other things that she can do, like plan her next trip or scroll through Pinterest to get inspired about new travel destinations. She won’t sound clingy and make you feel guilty because she actually has more things going on in her life than you.

8. Because she understands it often is about the journey and not just the destination.

Sure, she has seen some great parts of the world and some awesome destinations, but that does not mean that the journey is not equally important to her. She enjoys every little thing—from the plane and train ride and flight to the trekking routes through the forest, to the climbing of a mountain before she gets to the point where she has the most amazing view. She loves her journeys. And this is also applicable for the inner journey that she has taken to get her to where she is now. And she will encourage you and she will support you in all your journeys because she recognizes that working on yourself and exploring and discovering the world are things that are priceless and very rewarding.

9. Because she feels good about herself.

A woman that feels good about herself won’t force you to “fix her” because she is able to take care of herself. She feels comfortable leaving the house without any makeup on and her hair tied up in a bun on top of her head. She feels pretty and secure just the way she is because while traveling she has learned that you don’t have all the time in the world to spend on glamming yourself up. She’d rather watch the sunrise than spend time in the morning blow-drying her hair. Even though she is comfortable with herself without makeup, she also enjoys to get dolled-up at times. But she understands that this is not necessary every day and a casual day from time to time is OK as well.

10. Because she will never forget you.

Please try to understand that if an exhilarating woman like this who meets tons of people on a daily basis goes out with you, she sees something in you that she thinks is worth holding onto and worth combining with her often chaotic lifestyle. She can be on the road quite often, but that does not mean that you are out of sight and out of mind. She will always remember you and tell people she meets during her travels about that fantastic guy who is waiting back home. Because home to her, even though she is a citizen of the world, will always be where you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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