5 Things Millennials Are Sick Of Hearing Other Generations Say About Us

Atikh Bana

Let me start by saying this is not in any way, shape, or form meant to offend generations that are not categorized as “millennials”. I’m simply sharing the thoughts of an analytically speaking “millennial” who is sick of being categorized and judged based off an age group that I just so happen to fall into.

(Please, please tell me why you always hatin’?)

Note: Since I’m a “millennial” and all, I think it’s acceptable to toss in a line from a YG rap song, if you don’t know this line, I guess you’re probably not a millennial, so just keep reading.

You see, we “millennials” are not all the same. We “millennials” are some of the most intelligent, creative individuals in this present day.

Whether other generations want to accept it or not, we are here and we are not going anywhere anytime soon.

We are tired of the judgement. We are tired of the assumptions that all “millennials” are the same because our age says so. We are tired of the criticism that we continually face and this is what we want you to stop saying:

1. You’re a “millennial”, so why should I hire you?

This question is one for the books. I cannot tell you how many times this question is thrown around. What does this even mean? What are you insinuating? That because I fall into the category of a millennial that I’m incapable of working?

Let me start by saying that it is proven research that millennials have more student loan debt than any other living generation (google, people, it really works). With that said, millennials are money hungry. We crave more and we certainly are not afraid to work our asses off to prove we are hungrier for more. (Side note) we are the biggest generation yet.

Therefore, we are the mass majority of job seekers in this current time. Need I say more here?

2. You “millennials” are content

As I said above, we have more student loan debt than ANY other generation of our time. SOME millennials might be OK living paycheck to paycheck with debt up to their eyeballs, but I’m simply speaking on behalf of those millennials that are NOT content and don’t want to drown in a pool of debt.

We are always soul searching, seeking better opportunities and creating new innovative business ideas and we will not stop until we bring those ideas to life.

Take Snapchat for instance, do you think a 25 & 26-year-old were “content” when they were attending Stanford University and casually thought up the idea of snapping disappearing pics to your friends? No way. That idea didn’t happen overnight, it was one that took an immense amount of time and effort to think up. Perfect example of not all millennials are content with their minimum wage jobs, or living off of their parents’ money, or working a 9-5 “career” that they do not even enjoy.

3. How is your 3-5 years of work experience relevant to this position?

Well good sir or Madame, or whatever you prefer to be called (since you’re judging us millennials right off the bat I’ll assume you don’t mind me referring to you have your “generation” would), My 2-3 years of experience extends much further when you think about the times we millennials were raised in.

We are technically advanced. We grew up in a time of a digital life. Cell phones, computers, non-disposal cameras and GPS! We do not need to use a traditional map anymore folks. We are up to date on the latest technology, we are excel and word savvy, and we do not still use fax machines (sorry we have actually upgraded to scanning via email). We are simple; therefore, we are here to help simplify life and teach you a helpful thing or two. Just like your 20+ years of knowledge and experience can benefit us millennials, so can our “3-5” years of experience.

So, grab a pen and paper, and take note. Oh, and by the way some of us “millennial” still like the old school way of doing things too.

4. Millennials think they are entitled to be handed everything

Entitled to what exactly? To have a chance to prove that we can be extremely hard-working individuals and want to be recognized and compensated accordingly for our hard work?

Not all of us feel entitled, but best believe those of us who do not feel this way certainly do feel though that our hard work should go more noticed than someone more “experienced” on the job. Just like other generations are adults, we too are adults, and we don’t need someone to constantly hold our hands. We do appreciate words of affirmation that our work ethic is leading us down a successful path and that alone can be enough recognition for us.

A strong millennial knows their worth and value and they appreciate when it doesn’t go unrecognized or unappreciated.

I think I speak for any of us when I say I will never understand how traditional companies will continue to succeed with the mindset that more experience over lesser experience is the road to always travel down.
Being open-minded to trying something new (hint-hint the younger less experienced hire) goes a long way.

5. Millennials are the future

This one might confuse you as to why we millennials hate to hear this, but let me explain.

By constantly saying this, other generations expectations can be overwhelming to the point that we “millennials” will hit a breaking point of carrying too much weight on our shoulders.

The best thing other generations can teach us is to have us under promise and continue to over deliver. With this concept millennials can continue to think up the next new facebook and let the creative juices keep flowing.

Some of us might fall under the terrible stereotypical “millennials” other generations make us out to be, but for those of us who are just trying to make a difference in this world, stop judging us and start appreciating us. Stop the negativity and look at “millennials” as a positive impact on todays businesses.

I think the saying goes, “There is power in positivity”, and we “millennials” are definitely that, powerful individuals. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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