Here’s Why Long Distance Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Relationship

Morre Christophe
Morre Christophe

What is the point in being with someone if you’re not going to be with them? Well, although long distance may seem like the serial killer of relationships, like anything else, when used correctly it creates the closest and strongest of relationships. Here is how.

1. Every day you’re apart makes you appreciate everyday together.
You have a new appreciation for life, people and especially your partner when your time together is limited by the circumstances of long distance.

2. It’s your life; you can choose how to use your time.
You learn to be independent and not co-dependent. You learn not to co-exist as one person and revolve your life around your relationship, but put healthy barriers that will define the outline of what your relationship will become. It will grow into two separate beings choosing each other every single day instead of just mindlessly being together all the time. It sounds simple, but that is a vital component for a lasting relationship.

3. Effort becomes less convenient more intentional.
All the efforts in a long distance relationship are always big efforts. You make time for each other even when the person isn’t around to remind you to make time. You know that saying “out of sight, out of mind,” is reversed in an LDR and turns into “out of sight, but always mindful.”

4. There is more sacrifice.
The fact that this person is willing to be with you emotionally, and away from you rather than with anyone else, is a sign of how seriously this person takes his/her relationship with you and that’s a beautiful thing in this life full of impermanent things.

Long distance isn’t as bad as everyone deems it to be. It could even be the best thing to happen to your relationship. Like every trial in life it causes you to either grow together or grow apart, and that choice is always up to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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