6 Reasons Why Young Eligible Voters Don’t Bother To Vote


1. Ignorance.

Lots of new voters don’t really know what’s going on, at least not on a national point of view. Schools don’t make keeping up with current events as important as whether or not you know the right MLA format. So how could anyone that age be or feel qualified to make a decision without information? It’s like taking a test you didn’t study for.

2. Information overload.

Some youngsters try to keep up with politics, but its hard to filter all the information. New adults have so much pressure on them that they don’t even want to deal with voting.

3. They have shifting views about politics in general.

Young Adults views on politics itself shapes whether or not they decide to vote. Politics is synonymous with words like evil, manipulation, corruption and other not so fuzzy-feeling words. If a person believes politics is evil that includes the voting process and so they wont take part in any of it even if it means they forfeit their power. They choose not to choose, ironically.

4. They don’t see what’s in it for them.

Most political platforms revolve around same old issues of health care, taxes and what not. But what’s in it for us? As a young adult incentives work the most for us. No one bothers to target the new voters only the old issues that we don’t know or care about.

5. They support Bernie.

I shouldn’t say no one cares about us because the OLDEST CANDIDATE BERNIE SANDERS knows what’s up. He targeted the new generation, believes in us and was creating a platform for a future that WE wanted and for things WE cared about.


DOWN TO THE REAL PROBLEM- real leaders don’t build themselves up. Real leaders make you (the people for whom they work with and for) feel important. They build with you not above you. They make what’s important to you important to them not the other way around. They don’t divide they compromise and unite. A great leader gets with the times and the people in it and helps us all get to where we’re supposed to go. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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