My Black Wings, White Again

I soared and you clawed

Deep into the crevices of my confidence that gave these wings life

White fading and fading 

From black to ashes

They tucked themselves in, waiting on better days

I forgot what it was like to feel free

I forgot what it was like to fly

Clipping one by one with each remark

I wanted to jump from the Empire State Building and soar above the clouds

I wanted to break through the fences of what the world had casted me in

I was a free spirit,

Unafraid and dedicated to these goals and ambitions

Every time I would spread these wings to cast away

I hear those rings of your voice in the back of my mind

These wings would clench up and forget how to fly

A tight rope as if I were bungee jumping

Long enough to stray,

but tight enough to make sure I wasn’t going anywhere

I wanted to prove the critics all wrong,

But that’s not easy when the one person you look to for support

Cages you

I thought these wings were unbendable

I guess love is strong enough to

Make you

Or break you.

The desire to escape became too strong

I’ve had enough

I couldn’t breathe

I let you go and freed these wings month by month

It took long enough

It’s nice to feel what it’s like to fly again

It’s nice to feel the bay breeze without forces of suffocation by the neck

I can set my own horizons and I can soar between the sky linings once again

I can push forward,

Flapping these wings gracefully out of revenge for all the times you said I couldn’t fly

My colors,

Slowly turning from the dead

Back into life

I can be myself again

My black wings

White again.

NY | Passionate Free Thinker 🧠

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