How To Find Your Way Back Home To Yourself

One way to heal the soul is to answer to your higher self, hear the call, and come into the darkness. Learn to love what is eating you up, because that is what you are actually made up of. Embrace your sensitivities and your flaws and use them to achieve the greatness that is you.

Practice the exhalation of your demons. If you are suffering from overwhelm, use this adrenaline to create something new in your life. Keep your mind occupied and get curious about everything in the world that can make you grow spiritually.

What stops you from healing is the fear of stepping into your dark shadow and becoming friends with it, for you know that this could bring extreme happiness and contentment. You fear success, desire, and satisfaction because your mind has blocked out what it is to have this, numbing you from the real spirituality of being.

You are in limbo, but it is this situation that means you are experiencing the two selves—the light and the dark. Therefore you are capable of accessing huge potential by joining the two and becoming one.

This darkness is instrumental to understanding yourself so you can heal. But you have to want it, not fear it. Own it and love it. You have to truly listen to the Universe’s cry, for it is talking to you everyday — ask it for direction and look for the answer in the daily meditative state of being. It is everywhere, and the most self destructive thing you can do is to ignore these signs and blind yourself from your natural compass.

Because everyone has their own natural compass, and it is this that guides us towards our greatness. For if we don’t come into this, we live a life of regret and fail to heal.

In order for you to be at peace with the world and to heal others, you must first practice extreme self-love and compassion and accept your vulnerability in all its graciousness. Remain humble, but accept that you have huge potential to be you and be a leader of love and empathy.

You are fully aware that there are lost souls out there. You see it and sense it because you have the spiritual capacity to feel other people’s energy. Use this talent through any creative means to help heal wounds.

Spread your message, because that is what the world needs. But first you need to find this message for yourself. Be clear and be kind to your heart. Your soul needs you to choose life, not limbo, because as long as your heart is beating, as long as you can feel, your spirit is beautiful, and it has the capacity to be amazing.

Come home within. Listen to your cry. See your vision, your dreams. They are there, they are real, and they are you—the most important part of you, the only you. To ignore them is to wither into the dark hole that is there to lead you to the light, not to eat you up whole. So follow this light and hear the laughter of joy when you embrace the true you.

You are your own knight and shining armor, and you can surrender to it now. And when you do, you can then wrap others up in this safe haven and spread the good message of love and light to show them the wonder of the darkness.

About the author

Ciara Tuite

wondering wandering artist with a mind floating in a sea of creativity