16 Things That Happen When You Have A Long-Distance Best Friend

You live in the next state over. They’re abroad for a semester. You just found out you have to move across the country – your mom got a new job, you’re off to school, you’re moving for a significant other, you’re giddy for the next phase in your life, except for one little thing… You have to leave your best friend behind.

Here are some ways your friendship will be tangibly impacted, but also how to keep it just as special and obsessive as always:

1. You don’t stop sharing things the way you used to… you just ‘innocently’ keep them for longer… and longer…

Best friend visits, best friend has shirt you just adore, best friend insists you borrow it until next visit, best friend never sees shirt again. (You can try to play innocent, but we all know this happens.)

2. Because 80% of your communication happens virtually, you’re glued to your phone texting them as much as you would your significant other. 

Out with other friends, before bed, eating dinner, you’re sending just random pictures and ‘oh my god’ moments with little-to-no context because you’ll know they understand.

3. Half of your desktop is now covered in video chat screen shots. 

Finally got to have the quick face-to-face time you’ve been trying to schedule for the last month? Gotta document it. I literally have folders overflowing with blurry, pixelated snaps like these.

4. You relearn the joys of snail mail covered in stickers and doodles, surprise cards and little gifts because they found something that was just so you and they had to.

When I moved halfway across the country at 13, my old best gal pal and I started sending an entire notebook back and forth filled with gel pen scribbles and disposable camera photos. Ten years later, it still hasn’t gotten old. The thrill of snail mail is undeniable.

5. You say about once hourly how much you need a hug/miss each other/love each other.

Because, you do.

6. Visits with one another automatically become week-long sleepovers of your middle school dreams. This sounds like a cliché, but you my friend know it is not. 

Getting to spend time with your best friend again reverts you to the emotional and mental level of a 7th grader, and you don’t necessarily hate it. You’re giddy and laughing and painting your nails and having sleepovers and cuddling and giving and getting romantic advice; you’ve a few sweet hours of reunion and you intend to make the damn most of them.

7. You make ridiculous, extravagant plans together, which may tragically never happen.

One day, we’re going to pack up and just travel together. One day we’ll be close enough where you can text me that you’re sick and I’ll be right over and I’ll bring you soup and we’ll watch cartoons and everything will be better I promise. (Sidenote: I’m still waiting for the day my bestie and I live close enough that I can actually take her things when she’s sick.)

8. Five hour Skype sessions, phone calls, and long emails detailing the #drama of your lives have become completely normal. 

They’re necessities, if you will.

9. You spend weeks trying to remember their class/work/life schedule and transpose it into your time zone.

You sit wondering why they’re not texting you back, and realize ‘oh, they’re in class/here/there/the other place’ and damn it you need their help now.

10. You may have asked off for work on their birthday, even though you’re a thousand miles apart; your boss doesn’t have to know.

“But it’s like the next most important day after Christmas!” It should count. I’ve done it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Bonus points if it actually worked!

11. You follow each other’s other friends on Instagram and Twitter to feel more like a part of their world.

It’s infinitely easier to understand the stories you share about life when you can scroll along through Instagram to help you visualize the main characters involved.

12. … So as a result, whenever you visit your bestie, all their friends know exactly who you are, even if you’ve never met before.

You show up in town for a weekend and you’re immediately greeted with, “Oh, you’re the one she won’t ever shut up about.” Yep, that sounds about right.

13. You’ve hatched the perfect evil genius plan to make sure your future (or current) significant others become besties, too.

Because double dates for life.

14. If you don’t live too far apart, you have the precise halfway point figured out and you have a favorite coffee shop where you meet up from time to time.

Even if the only coffee shop in all of Hicksville is a Waffle House, it’s okay. That’s a sacrifice you will willingly make to get time with your favorite person.

15. You end up with dozens of voicemails detailing whatever mess they’ve gotten themselves into now, to which you can only respond: “This is what happens when I’m not around.” 

“I know, I know it’s stupid but hear me out…”

16. And lastly, when you visit each other, “bubbles” exist only to be popped.

“It’s been 4 months since we were in the same place and dammit I’m gonna spoon ya if I want to.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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