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Why I Like Me, You, and Everyone We Know

Make no mistake – the movie is definitely cute and indie. Characters are prone to oddball comments uttered in deadpan sincerity. For instance, after July’s character tells a shoes salesman (who will shortly become her love interest) that her shoes always rub against her ankles because they’re unusually low, he looks up and says, “You think you deserve that pain but you don’t.”

Reflections On J.D. Salinger

I returned to Salinger’s work after discovering Franny and Zooey my sophomore year of college. I picked up the book at the library on a whim, and read it in a day. When I was finished, I borrowed Nine Stories, and also read that with appetite. I loved the deceptive straight-talk that watermarked a Salinger narrator, and the way many of his stories were centered around a subtle alteration of mood.