Be The Girl Who Embraces Life With Open Arms

  Yingchou Han
Yingchou Han

Life is too short to be anyone other than the girl who lives deep within your soul.

Be the girl who lives to sate her curiosity– the Jackie of all trades, the omnivorous explorer, and the ever-growing experientialist. They’ll call you obnoxious, indecisive, and ‘a little too much;’ or perhaps vivacious, inspiring, and impressively cultured. Be that girl either way.

Be the girl who isn’t afraid of suffering– the girl whose scars write the tales of courage and ambition. She is willing to endure the pain of scraped elbows, a broken heart, or unforeseen failures because she knows that great reward often requires great risk. She’s the girl who has experienced more at this point in her life than most will in a lifetime. They’ll call you reckless, impulsive– a real glutton for punishment; or perhaps label you brave, perseverant, and destined to succeed. Be fearless regardless.

Be the girl with the over-sized heart — the one who loves deeply and unapologetically.

The girl who gives what she can and seldom asks for much in return; who would take the shirt off of her own back to clothe a stranger. They’ll call you naive, a pushover, and allude to a lesson that you’ll one day learn; or perhaps they’ll see that you’re simply genuine, benevolent, and the way you are because that instruction has long since passed. Use your whole heart anyway.

Be the girl who is expressive– the one who boasts that infectious laugh until she cries, who dances around the kitchen when she cooks, and who embraces her childlike wonder. The girl who is emotionally invested in all that she does, because it becomes a part of who she is. She has her bratty moments and sometimes loses her passion backed temper, but deep down is incredibly gentle. She cries when she’s sad, screams when she’s terrified, and sometimes giggles at the most inappropriate times. She doesn’t care who’s watching when she sporadically bursts out into song, or stands up for her beliefs. They’ll call you melodramatic, emotionally unstable, or immature; or perhaps they’ll see that you’re 100% human, flesh and bone, and that you may be imperfect, but at least you’re real.

Be the girl determined to make an impact on the world– the one who voluntarily assumes the difficult roles because she trusts that she is capable. Be the girl who grasps life by the reins and guides it in the direction she wants to see it go.

They’ll call you intimidating, an overachiever, the one who tries way too hard; or perhaps they’ll talk of your loyalty, drive, and lively personality.

Be the girl who will squeeze every last drop out of her lemon called life and leave behind the rinds for use as garnish. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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