9 Things I Learned From A Year Of Unexpected Long-Distance Dating

9 Things I Learned From A Year Of Unexpected Long-Distance Dating

In March 2020, during the pandemic, my boyfriend and I decided to quarantine separately after three years of dating. I thought it might take a couple of months. In reality, we ended up long-distance dating for almost a full year.

1. Long-distance is a clarifier.

2. Your relationship will look different in different seasons.

3. Constriction can be great for your communication.

4. You need to develop a high degree of trust in your partner.

5. There will be dull days with nothing to talk about.

6. You won’t make shared memories the same way you would in person.

7. You may develop a healthier dependence on your partner.

8. Laughing together is essential.

9. Don’t compare your relationship to people who aren’t dating long-distance.

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