The Official Kanye West "Monster" Music Video, So Offensive?

Kanye West dropped a new music video today for “Monster”, the wildly bizarre track from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, featuring Jay Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver. Although the video leaked in December, this one is official, and some parts – like the Nicki Minaj part –seem to have been changed. For me, the best part of this is when Kanye is standing there, chilling with a model’s head in his hand, cleaning his diamond teeth with a toothpick (weird). TC mark

TC mark


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  • Stevie Kew

    Spot on, agreed. Such a ridiculous disclaimer for our so terribly PC-media cultureland.

  • JJ

    You go Kanye

  • Greg

    odd future

    • xra

      wolf gang on that drive w/out a license shit

  • Molly Oswaks


  • xra

    totes agree, offending bitches is the sport of kings

  • paul

    I really enjoyed the video. Visually, it was really cool. They really fucking were monsters. However,  elements of it were extremely problematic. Calling it art doesn't suddenly wipe away or undo the impact of those problematic themes. Perhaps they should have said– “This video is really cool, but its also really offensive and we get that and we don't endorse killing women or sexual violence. Please enjoy how fucking cool it is anyway.”

    • Taylor

      What should be investigated is why it is so 'fucking cool.'  What social construct has made anything in relation to violence against anyone 'cool.'  Personally I think this kind of ingrained thinking in our media consuming psyche is a bit disturbing.

      • STaugustine

        girl-corpses = hipster decorating tip

    • Taylor

      I believe what should be thought of here is why it is 'fucking cool.'  What part of our culture has deemed violence toward anyone simply for the sake of this violence 'cool.'  I think it is a tad disturbing.  I can see how film and different media use violence in a story as part of the plot, but this is just a video with no real story or point.  It uses violence simply for shock value and seeming 'cool.'  From my perspective, not cool.

      • KANYE

        It's cool because violence, however lurid, is entertaining, stimulating, and riffling.

      • Taylor

        Aside from the main discussion, it seems to me that violence isn't that creative at this point, it has been done, perhaps overdone.  

        So this video not only glorifies violence, which they forgot to disclaim, but is also unoriginal.

  • Meghan Blalock

    my thoughts exactly, fucking hate the disclaimer. no one has the right to not be offended (go head, unpack it)

    • Mary Quite-contrary

      too glib to unpack.

  • anon

    It's a weird video for me because I was assaulted by a guy who's a dead ringer for Kanye, so it was kind of like he was singing about being a monster to me? I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch it again. I wish I could – it's visually stunning, but just too terrifying for me.

  • dip

    nigga just stop it

  • STaugustine

    Luis Buñuel called: he wants his razor back.

    “Offensive?” Only because it's so fucking cynical (but only because “cynical” so fucking works). Here, look at these models… but they're not just “models”… we're going to make it a little “edgy” with some ketchup… and you're going to think “art”! See how that works? Pretty girls + ketchup = Art.  Over a track of standard (uninspired) hip hop complaint-bragging (with a little of that lyrics-ketchup sloshed over it). See? The ketchup is the “bling” now! So let's all watch as more and more pop vids feature stand-alone model-heads. And check out the merch: model-head ear rings! Model-head ashtrays! Model-head oral sex toys! And then we'll move on to dead (model) babies… ! Next-level shit…!

    Damn, you people are easy.

    • christopher lynsey

      Models and ketchup isen't cynical.

  • meg

    Ya I don't like this. I don't understand how killing all those fashion models is all that reflective of the song's message? whatever that is…

    • christopher lynsey

      Fashion models aren't people.

  • Balto

    dark and sadistic, but well done.

  • Chantelle Gates

    I guess it shouldn't be that surprising that even Kanye is trying to cash in on the Twilight/True Blood/Zombie/Vampire craze. It's a crap song, regardless of any sort of “artistic merit” they're going after with their cliche video.

    • STaugustine

      “I guess it shouldn't be that surprising that even Kanye is trying to cash in on the Twilight/True Blood/Zombie/Vampire craze.”

      Felt more like some kind of subliminal O.J. meme.

  • Thomas Pitts

    “It is an art piece and it shall be taken as such.”

    Better do what Kanye says or he will drive to your house and steal your microphone.  Oh yeah, he will probably also boycott your award show…

  • heyoh

    it got taken down!?

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