Slavoj Zizek is a Real Cool Maniac with Apocalyptic Visions

Slavoj Zizek is a maniac and thinks the world is going end soon. Reminds me of Saint Paul, the guy who penned most of the New Testament. In 52 CE, Paul said the end of the world was near in his first letter to Thessalonians (see, 1 Thess 4:15-18). Never happened though. Gotta feeling Slavoj Zizek vision ain’t going come to pass either, alas. TC mark

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  • Bensaucier

    no shave november?

  • Jeri

    it sucks how confused you seem

    • christopher lynsey

      Confusion is good.

      • Eric

        no it isn't…

      • christopher lynsey

        Yeah, confusion is not good.

  • ...

    i wish i could speak as confidently as Zizek

  • Michael Koh

    Read his books… epic

  • Jordan

    It's really a toss-up when it comes to what comes out of Zizek's mouth. Sometimes he'll say something that I find really profound and interesting, but then other times (like in Examined Life) I'll have no idea what he's talking about and it will sound like he doesn't have any idea either.

  • Travis Baugh

    hehe he said “I came” hehe

  • Adam Green

    I'd come to pass on Zizek… dat beard.

  • Manam

    that made absolute sense. and is frightening.

  • aaron nicholas

    “Slavoj Zizek is a maniac and thinks the world is going end soon”

    I don't know if you prefaced this video fairly. Everything he said made great sense – though one does not necessarily have to agree with it – and he had a lot of valid points and legitimate thought processes. Making low-brow attacks on someone to undermine their ideas doesn't seem fair…

    and just because his thought seems radical doesn't mean he is a maniac.

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