The Ball Breaker & Languages of the Unsayable

What’s going on here? There is this girl talking; she is annoying and pretentious and androgynous and only a little alluring. Behind her is a girl in repose, ready, relaxed, accepting, loving: waiting for her man. The talking, the philosophizing, the complaints continue, the girl keeps blabbering, and maybe there is something to it. The words are just words, it seems; he says “Uh, yeah” probably not so much to what was said, but to the person saying it –– or, to nothing in particular. TC mark

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  • Dynex

    The colors are amazing here. Everything is yellow: ads, vimeo interface, her dress

  • JNew

    You basically got the idea of the video without realizing it. You think she's “annoying,” “pretentious,” and “blabbering.” You are not actually listening to what she is saying, and that's the point. The guy wasn't listening and neither are you. It's not important what she says. She just has to look “good” while she speaks. “Uh, yeah” is a stereotypical response from males when women begin to “blabber” or “nag.”

    • BenSaucier

      uh, yeah

    • Dial

      i think this interpretation is based off the caption of the video from David Deida

      “A man should hear his woman's complaints like warning bells, and then do his best to align his life with his truth and purpose. However, if he believes in the literal content of her complaint, he will immediately go off course, for the content reflects her present mood more than a careful observation of his tendencies over time. Her complaint should be valued as a reminder to 'get it together,' and perhaps as an indiciation as to how. But more often than not, the specifics of her complaint do not describe the real, underlying action or tendency that needs to be changed.”

    • christopher lynsey

      pretension and blabbering are good things in my book, most of the time.

  • Bambi

    “…waiting for her man.”
    Oh my lord I want to die.

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