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Christofer Drew
Never Shout Never

Christofer Drew (birth name: Christopher Drew Ingle) was born on February 11, 1991 in Joplin, Missouri. At the age of fifteen, he dropped out of high school to pursue his music and art full-time. This decision led to problems at home and financial difficulties as well. But Drew made it work and by the time he was eighteen his act Never Shout Never had already been on several high-profile tours with the likes of Dashboard Confessional and Gym Class Heroes and won the MTV Woddie Award for best new artist (beating out Grizzly Bear and Passion Pit). He landed a deal with Warner Bros. Records; his 2010 debut mini-album, What is Love? and has sold over 60k copies to date.

What's up?
I'm chilling in New Haven, it's great, smoking a cigarette outside. I'm around a lot of cool buildings.

So, what are you trying to accomplish this year?
Just pretty much a year of growth for me. To grow as a person and an artist. Umm. Transform from an awkward eight-year-old kid into somebody in their twenties, like an adult - haha. And we're going to start making a new record soon, which I'm really excited about.

What keeps you going?
I think just people. It kind of blows my mind all the people I meet on tour and all their positive energy. They love me, I love them: seeing people smile, seeing people happy – that’s everything. And my family and best friends of course.

How does it feel to have so many young people look up to you?
It's difficult because I'm not the most perfect person. I have many flaws. A lot of the kids disagree with the things I do, like smoking ciggs and weed, but that's just kind of who I am, who I have been. It's kind of stressful trying to be perfect for these kids, but you know I just try my best, I try to set a good example, and just spread positive energy.

Is being on the road difficult?
It's comfortable. I like sleeping on the bus at night while we're driving through the country. I don't think anything compares to being at home though. I love being home. Home is where... I am me. On the road, I almost have to play this character that these people think I am, at home I can just be, and hang out with people who love me for me, and really know me. Home is where I really belong.

What's the most beautiful part about your hometown?
Being with my family and close friends. I love the parks. I always go to the park and just think a lot. There is a lot of cool nature trails, just like roll a joint with a couple of buddies, look at nature, look at trees and stuff.

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What do you think of New York City?
Uh, it's cool. It's a little busy for me. I feel like it's very vain. Everyone kind of just wastes their life there. They don't really get to live. They just live the corporate or trendy life. I feel like life should be fun and enjoyable. New York does not seem to very hospitable to that, but I don't know, whatever.

Tell us about your diet…
I'm a vegetarian with vegan tendencies. I would like to be vegan more, but it's very hard on the road, especially in small towns. I drink a lot of fruit juices and I eat a lot of vegetables and bread. I love bread. I’ve always loved bread. My mom used to call me a “dough boy” when I was kid.

You’re big on social media, why?
I don’t like going out after shows. It’s kind of overwhelming and I hate having my picture taken so I try to make it up by hanging out with everyone on the web. I like the way it allows me to interact with fans in a less crazy, more controlled way.

Why do you despise “hate” so much?
Hate is holding back humanity from its full potential and I just like love, patience, and understanding. Those are the things which will advance humanity.

Will you share one of your songs with us?
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[audio:|titles=Never Shout Never - Love Is Our Weapon]

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