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Why Writers Are Miserable, and Often Cowardly

The writer is a coward, a coward in the face of reality — and consequently he flees into the stable, plastic world of words. Socrates bemoaned writing because he considered it a bastardization of speech. You can go further and bemoan it because it is a bastardization of life itself.

Some Thoughts on the Impact of Four Loko

But, of course, with all this good comes a lot of bad too. Four Loko has been killing teens and hospitalizing people. And because it is easy to place the ban on the beverage, opposed to irresponsible consumers, legislators are moving to ban it. It’s bad-for-you-drink and it must go, they say.

The Art of Loving and “The Fashion Model”

Jason Mickle is a fashion photographer and through him and an array of technologies (photoshop, lights, etc.) and people (makeup artists, assistants, etc.) he captures a portrait of Eric Lodwick. The photograph appears in a fashion magazine. From this removed standpoint Eric appears God-like, almost perfect.

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