Here’s How I’ll Feel About You Three Years Later

Here’s How I’ll Feel About You Three Years Later
Zoriana Stakhniv

I’ll playfully kiss you on your neck, every single morning. When the alarm goes off, I’ll hit snooze, wrap my arms around you, pull you ever so close… kiss you and dose off. And I’ll just think about you, till the alarm beeps again.

That’s how we’ll wake up every morning, even when you’re pissed with me.

While you’re rushing to make breakfast before heading to work, I’ll slow you down by holding you from behind, kissing you on the shoulder, kissing you on the neck, kissing you on the cheek, while you shift your body to make it easier for me to reach your lips… and I’ll kiss you and lift you on top of the counter … and while you whisper ‘that you need to get ready’. I‘ll kiss you like it’s our first time. I’ll kiss you like I haven’t seen you in three years. I’ll make the hands of time stop for us.

When you’re on top of the counter… and I look into your eyes, you’ll know that “I’m just a man who is madly in love with his lady”… and you’ll feel like you’re on top of the universe, because the world is too small to hold my feelings for you.

I’ll still send you flirtatious (text) messages throughout the day. I’ll never lose the passion, because losing the passion in a relationship, is like playing a football match without a ball. I don’t care how busy we get during week, I’ll still send you a text “Will you go to dinner with me tonight?”

And I still want you to spend two hours getting ready – stressing over what to wear. Trying on a dress, taking it off, trying on another dress, reverting to the original one. I still want you to be indecisive about what to wear – I never want you to lose the passion. I still want you to feel like it’s our very first date. And when you finally come out of the bathroom and say “You’re ready”… I’ll stare at you, without saying a word… and when you ask “What?!”… I’ll look deep into your eyes… and say “You look beautiful.”

On the way to the restaurant, I’ll hold your hand and play in your hair. I’ll make sure to have a good playlist, with some of our favourite songs. And we’ll sing along, and I’ll occasionally look at you and smile… and you’ll blush, and smile back at me. And when we get to the parking lot, I’ll shift the gear box in park, pull up the handbrake, climb over to you and kiss you like I haven’t seen you in three years.

And over dinner, I’ll still dip my fork into your plate. I’ll still say things to make you laugh. I’ll still try to learn new things about you – because there’s so much to know. I’ll still try to make you feel special. I’ll still think that you’re ridiculously pretty. I’ll still look at you, like tonight is the last night that I’ll have my vision. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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