5 Ways To Know Through All Five Senses That You’ve Found The Right Guy

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It’s okay for a man to be macho (and cool) but he must be compassionate with his lady. A woman deserves to feel special and she should sense when she has found a man worthy of being introduced to her parents. Even if her dad is a bad ass, or thinks he’s a bad ass.

1. See.

He is always excited to see you. He makes an effort to spend quality time with you because there is no substitute for communication. If you happen to be in a long distance relationship, it’s natural to fall asleep sometimes while Skype is up and running. Four hours of sleep is not ideal, but he’ll make the sacrifice because he really enjoys talking to you.

2. Hear.

He makes an effort to listen to your concerns because he understands the importance of being able to provide useful feedback. He is never too preoccupied to find out how your day went. You can feel free to let down your hair and express yourself without feeling self-conscious.

3. Touch.

On a special occasion, he takes you out to a restaurant that is exquisite. The ambience is breath-taking and the piped music is beautiful.The conversation is going great but there is still something missing. As he subtly reaches across the table, his fingers begin to flirt with your palm.

4. Smell.

He recognizes that you love the scent of flowers. At the store, he may not appreciate the smell of the three red roses that he just purchased but when he surprises you, he fully gets it. To see his lady glee with excitement warms his heart. After you momentarily close your eyes while inhaling your flowers, he can’t wait for a hug and kiss.

5. Taste.

He is always willing to assist with the preparation of a home cooked meal. If he is incapable of boiling rice, then he makes up with excellent onion-chopping skills. He also understands that dishes don’t automatically become immersed in soap and water. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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