5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Argue With Her Boyfriend

Silvia Sala
Silvia Sala

1. To stop him from getting complacent.

Sometimes, men can be difficult. Actually, allow me to rephrase: Usually, men are difficult. And we’re especially tough to deal with after the courting phase is over. When we were still trying to sleep with you for the first time, we would never leave the toilet seat down, or make up excuses to justify a crazy night out with the boys, or claim that we’re too busy to check in. Challenge your boyfriend to remind him that you’re worth ongoing effort and that he can never get complacent in the relationship if he wants to be with you.

2. To have great make-up sex.

After a heated argument, he inches a little closer to put his arm around you. He says, “I’m sorry.” You might still hate him, but it doesn’t matter. You’re well positioned for great makeup sex. Once you both realize just how primed things are for a passionate romp between the sheets, you strip each other’s clothes off immediately. Your orgasms are pretty much guaranteed to be awesome. Make-up sex is important. If you’re doing a good job, your neighbors will know about it. The harder she screams, the more likely she is to forgive you officially for any wrongdoings.

3. To engage in a healthy debate.

Whether a woman earns a living by skillfully maneuvering her body around a pole or by running a Fortune 500 company, she is likely a fan of intelligent debate. In a relationship, there may be some topics that you and your significant other never agree on (politics, economics, sports, etc.), but respecting each other’s opinions is a critical aspect of bonding. And routine, healthy debates are a great way to keep the fire burning. Argue with your man to blow him away with your insights, and to remind him that you’re a smart, capable woman with an impressively analytical mind.

4. Because it’s better than the silent treatment.

When a man does something to offend his partner, you can’t expect him to read your mind. In other words, the silent treatment doesn’t work because a man might not even realize he’s being ignored. So if you’re mad, yell “You’re an asshole,” and maybe start breaking some shit (kidding). Seriously, though, it’s not that men like to bicker. But we appreciate straightforward displays of emotion.

5. To spark a competition.

There’s an element of competition between a man and a woman in every relationship, and that’s a good thing. Competition can be sexy and fun. It’s arousing to get your adrenaline going along with your partner. Maybe you both tend to boast about your athletic abilities, or your knowledge of a particular television series, or your culinary skills. Whatever activity inspires you to claim that you can kick each other’s asses is a great subject for picking a fight. It’s a good idea to provoke your boyfriend every so often to remind him that you can still play as a couple. Just be sure to let him win at least once in a while. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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