Why Women Shouldn’t Send Men Naked Pictures

. Entrer dans le rêve
. Entrer dans le rêve

When a girl sends a man her naked picture, he gets excited (pun intended). It shows that she really likes him. It strokes his ego, and it’s very useful when he’s about to knock one out. Men are drawn to racy women, it’s just our nature.

In the same breath, some women love the thrill of exchanging these types of pictures (or videos). And the reality is, women have become more open about bedroom activities. Perhaps you may disagree with the statement but the astronomical sales of Fifty Shades of Grey suggests otherwise. But of course, women only read the book, or watch the movie, because they are “curious.”

Curious my ass—they’re living vicariously through that movie.

A few women will voluntarily send their pictures to men because they know it will turn them on, while other women will send stuff because their boyfriends asked for it. And then in some cases, some women will send it because their boyfriends demanded it. So, although she was hesitant at first, he pressured her, made her feel guilty, until she caved in.

Whether she voluntarily sent pictures or she was forced to do so, she’s left herself exposed. When there’s a break-up, her boyfriend may turn out to be an asshole and post her pictures to be vindictive. Or, her device may be stolen and the thief may have access to the classified photos. It’s also possible that her computer may be hacked by someone who wants to be mischievous. And the list goes on.

If her picture is released, few will sympathise with her. People will say all kinds of things – “She’s so stupid”, “What a whore”, “Ediat gyal” etc. And it doesn’t matter how strong she is, if her pics are all over the internet, it’s enough to break her down and reduce her to tears.

There may also be ramifications at her job. People may view her differently, think less of her. It may even ruin her chance at a promotion. It’s a tough reality to face. She also has to contend with the embarrassment that she may have caused some family members (especially if she has a child) or if she has a younger sibling who looks up to her.

If a man really cares about his girl, he needs to be mindful of the risks associated with naked pictures and videos. His satisfaction can’t take precedence over her reputation. Men need to live by this mantra. We also should not applaud the men who maliciously ruin the lives of women.

It’s natural to want to see these sexy pictures but it should be more natural for us to want to protect our women.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I know it’s unlikely that pictures will end up on the internet. But you can’t play percentage games with someone’s future. It’s not worth it.

And the truth is, the best memories are never captured on camera. No matter how old you get, there are some things that you will never forget. They will remain as vivid as ever, they will always be embedded in your thoughts. And you won’t need a picture or video to remember the details.

Now, I know some people are adventurous and will continue to take the risk. If you insist on sending stuff or documenting your sex life, perhaps you should consider obscuring your face. But it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

And ladies, if a man can’t respect this stance, he doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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