7 Female Body Parts Every Man Needs To Pay More Attention To

Bunches and Bits {Karina}
Bunches and Bits {Karina}

Women are complex beings. If you understand that concept, then you’ll understand women. Every guy would like to believe that a woman has never faked an orgasm with him before—that he’s the best lover she’s ever had—but the truth is, for the most part, we really can’t tell when the ladies are faking it. We just hope they’re not. The thing is, what drives one girl crazy will barely elicit a moan from another. And believe me bro, you’re gonna wanna make her moan.

We men are easy to please by comparison. A couple of strokes here, and there, and we’re done. Not so with the female sex. You gotta find those erogenous zones. And every woman is different. So let me help you out.

1. Her earlobes

The ears are way underrated in general, and the tiny pieces of flesh we call the lobes are often overlooked altogether. There’s something about nibbling and sucking on that sensitive spot that will make her ache for more.

2. The nape of her neck

This is the place just below her hairline and above her shoulder. Kiss it when you’re behind her. Chances are, she’ll turn around, press her body into yours, and kiss you back like mad. Before she turns, hold her there a moment longer to make it clear that you know how to heed her needs.

3. The entire stretch of her spine

Kiss, nibble, scratch, tickle, form circles with your tongue. Use your free hand to stroke elsewhere. If she arches her back, you know you’re on to something. So turn her over already.

4. Her lips

If you place your hand on her cheek tenderly, close your eyes, and kiss her right—not like a robot on autopilot—you may be rewarded with a soft moan that originates from the base of her throat. Watch then as things inevitably heat up.

5. The valley between her breasts

From her breasts and all the way down to her navel lies a stretch of fabulous territory. Massage, graze, and lick all you want. As you do so, glide one hand down to her most sensitive, private area. Stroke her there. When her body spasms, she’ll plead for more.

6. Her inner thighs

Most men tend to neglect this body part, but there’s something about fondling that soft flesh that makes many women go absolutely wild. Taunt her slowly before diving into the pink flesh marking the pinnacle between her legs. If you’re sufficiently attentive, she’ll be moist by the time you get there.

7. Her butt

Grab it, squeeze it, spank it. Show that you’re going to take control of her body in a way that gets her excited, but also makes her feel comfortable. Give her a thrill and let her anticipate what might come next… Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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