5 Ways Every Girl Deserves To Be Kissed

1. The road kiss.

You’re driving along a main road, having a random conversation, when one of her favorite songs begins to play. As she glances out the window and starts singing along to the chorus, hold her hand, bring it close to you…and kiss it. (Never let anything ruin the moment—not even the policeman who’s pulling you over to give you a ticket.)

2. The forehead kiss.

There are times when your girlfriend is going through a lot. It could be a death in the family, an unexpected pregnancy, stress at work—anything. You’re probably not in a position to change the situation, but as she exposes her personal issues, she will become teary-eyed and rest her head on your chest. Kiss her gently on the forehead to make her feel better.

3. The dream kiss.

When she’s asleep for eight straight hours, scary things might be happening in her dreams. She could be free falling, she might be chased by a monster, she may suffering from paralysis. Researchers have done all kinds of studies (yawn) to explain the reasons for common types of dreams. If you want to be her prince in shining armor…if you want to protect her from a giant, blood-sucking cockroach…if you want to cuddle with her on the edge of Grand Canyon…give her a kiss on the cheek while she’s asleep to penetrate her dream state.

4. The food kiss.

We love it when our girlfriend looks stunning in her favorite dress (even if we can’t wait to take it off). Her handbag matches her shoes, her nails complement her outfit, her lipstick is bright red and it’s going to mess up your face. If she thinks it’s funny to leave read lip marks on your cheeks, it should equally funny to kiss her with icing or ice cream all over your mouth. Take the risk—and get messy!

5. The bedroom kiss.

The ambient light from the room is just right. You can see her silhouette. Help her take off her top and fling it across the room…and then…pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and passionately kiss her while you unbuckle her bra masterfully with one hand. (Don’t ever use two hands to remove a bra—that’s almost as embarrassing as orgasming after one minute because you’re anxious or something). Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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