What Your Christmas Eve Plans Say About You

Community: Season 4
Community: Season 4

Emergency Shopping All Day

You’re pretty obviously a procrastinator, but you’re also clutch as heck, thriving under pressure. While others might panic, you laugh in the face of Christmas. You know your friends and family well enough to have absolutely nothing 24-hours before Christmas, but turn a hasty 1-3 hour shopping spree into top notch gifts for everyone. You are Michael Jordan late in the 4th. You are Glen Coco on Candy Cane Gram day. You are the Batman of delivering in time sensitive circumstances.

Being Kind Of Sad That Christmas Is Tomorrow, And Then It’s Over For A Year

You’ll make the most of it all. Listening to Christmas music, soaking up every last bit of those merry jingles, every last shine of the colorful lights, every last whiff of festive aromas. The big day that you’ve been waiting for all year is here, but it’s kind of like when you order pizza and wait, and wait, and it finally arrives, and after two or three glorious slices you start to feel yourself getting full, and wish you could go back to the empty stomach feeling of anticipation you had moments earlier.

Sitting Around Waiting Until Right Before Walgreens Or A Gas Station Is About To Close To Grab Last Minute Gifts

You’re a monster. Even the worst procrastinators judgingly glare at you as you stand in the greeting card section baffled, searching for the perfect words to match the gift card you’re undoubtedly buying someone.

Anxiously Waiting For Santa

You’re five – do your parents even know you’re on this site? Click here, rascal.

Daydreaming About All The Food There’ll Be Tomorrow

You have a New Year’s resolution to be healthy, so you’ve got to devour everything in sight before then.

Wrapping Presents All Day

You’re a firm believer in deadlines and you say things like “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late.” Every person who has to go into the jungle that is a department store or mall on Christmas Eve envies you and hopes that, at the very least your wrapping job winds up looking ugly.

Oh, Is Today Christmas Eve?

This just isn’t your holiday, but also your brain must truly be elsewhere to be oblivious to the date. Perhaps April 20th is more your idea of a holiday?

Browsing The Web, Internet-ing As Per Usual

You have much needed time off of work or school, and you’re using it to do as much nothing as possible. Respect.


You work for one of the places that the procrastinators and last minute monsters mentioned earlier will be doing shopping at. You’re probably not thrilled, but you also get holiday pay, hopefully, so you’re reminding yourself of that to avoid being a Grinch.

Tracking Packages

You’re one of those people who hate crowded places and can’t handle traffic and busy malls, so you wisely decided to do your Christmas shopping online. Normally, avoiding people is a thing that works in your favor, but you’ve got gifts that haven’t arrive and you’re skeptical of the postal service’s abilities, so you’re on the phone and computer like a busy stockbroker, trying to ensure that Santa isn’t going to show up on December 26th. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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